• BART is testing Bikeep’s smart bike locks

    BART is testing Bikeep’s smart bike locks

    There are few feelings worse than returning to the spot you locked up your bike after a fun evening and seeing nothing. As a San Francisco cyclist, I’ve had my stomach sink more than once at that discouraging sight. Bikeep, a startup founded in Estonia, is looking to bring its connected locking tech to the States to address the bike theft epidemic. This morning at San Francisco’s… Read More

  • 3D-Printed ‘Bump Key’ Can Open Almost Any Lock

    3D-Printed ‘Bump Key’ Can Open Almost Any Lock

    Bump keys are primitive tools used by locksmiths (and HAXoRZ) to knock open simple locks. Until now, many locks were secure simply because they were too complex to be bumped and, as a result, you had a bit of security by obscurity. That’s all changing. Read More

  • Goji Is A Smart Lock For Your Home That Has Nothing To Do With Berries

    Goji Is A Smart Lock For Your Home That Has Nothing To Do With Berries

    Welcome to the era of the round, shiny in-home automation system. While Nest led the charge early on, a new device, called Goji, is taking up the mantle. The Goji is an automatic deadbolt that looks like HAL 2000’s eye and can take pictures of folks who come to your door and allows you to lock – and unlock – your door anywhere in the world. Read More

  • Gunman Pokes Holes In the Theory That You Can't Shoot Open a Padlock

    PopMech posted an interesting story testing multiple padlocks against multiple stressors including a “Salt Fog” test for rust resistance and, it seems, a gun test. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Biometric fingerprint house lock with remote control for $160

    Using a key to gain entry to your own home is soooo 1992. Nowadays, you can use your fingerprint instead. You (almost) never lose it and you (pretty much) don’t have to fumble around in your pocket to find it. Amazon’s got a one-day deal on biometric door locks — normally selling for about $200, they’re on sale for $160 and available in silver, black, or chrome. Read More

  • Unlocking the "uncrackable" Medeco Deadbolt

    Marc Weber Tobias is a locksmith with a flair for the flamboyant. His goal, really, is to show the insecurity of most lock systems and his efforts to crack the Medeco Deadbolt, the lock the U.S. government uses to secure its secret pot supply as well as almost everything else it likes to keep locked up, are now legendary. Wired ran a great article and video of Tobias in action. He is an… Read More

  • Born today in 1887: Harry Soref, locksmith

    The Master Lock is an undying invention. Made out of laminated steel, the locks can take a beating and still stay secure, ensuring their place in the pantheon of “good ideas.” Invented by Harry Soref in 1924, the company used pieces of scrap steel stacked on top of each other to create a lock that could survive a gunshot. Read More

  • Unlock doors with your cellphone

    http://www.viddler.com/player/3c2d32b6/ Ever lose your hotel keycard? Ever have it get de-magnetized? Both of these are simple to resolve – just go to the front desk – but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t need to worry so much about the darn things? Nokia is working with VingCard to allow you to use your cellphone to open your hotel door. As described in the video… Read More

  • Battery operated web-controlled door locks

    Ok, now come on. Web-controlled door locks? Oh, Schlage, tell me it’s not true. It is? Your LiNK system is great you say? Ok, well, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for your Z-Wave home automation technology. Being able to wirelessly control temperature, lighting and even the pool certainly sounds cool. Read More

  • Learn just how insecure locks are at 2600's Last HOPE this summer

    As we approach 2600’s Last HOPE, more and more information is being released as to what to expect. The latest: the locks you use to protect your property are terribly insecure. Attendees at The Last HOPE conference in July will learn firsthand about security vulnerabilities inherent in standard lock designs, from the most common ones used on our front doors to the high security models… Read More

  • Inexpensive biometric door lock

    [photopress:fingerprintlock.jpg,full,left]While I think biometrics are a fad, I can’t deny that it’s a handy technology. Gaining entry to a secure thing (computer, room, brothel) without having to pull out a pesky key or annoying card is the way to go. And granting that ability to your house for only $199 sounds like a killer deal to me. Biometric fingerprint door lock [Popgadget] Read More

  • Video: Kensington laptop lock defeated in mere seconds

    Just how safe does one of those Kensington locks make your laptop? Judging by this video, and many more like it, not very. Mind the silly acting. Kensington Read More