Learn just how insecure locks are at 2600's Last HOPE this summer


As we approach 2600’s Last HOPE, more and more information is being released as to what to expect. The latest: the locks you use to protect your property are terribly insecure.

Attendees at The Last HOPE conference in July will learn firsthand about security vulnerabilities inherent in standard lock designs, from the most common ones used on our front doors to the high security models used by industry and in government. Attempts to alert the security industry to these dangers have not met with much success, which is why we believe it is in the public interest to demonstration certain methods of bypass.

I’m gonna guess the panel will be a little more in-depth than the average YouTube search of “how to pick locks.”

This Last HOPE will be, in all likelihood, the most interesting conference New York sees this year. One of us will be there, HOPEfully. That doesn’t write itself.