CrunchDeals: Biometric fingerprint house lock with remote control for $160

lockUsing a key to gain entry to your own home is soooo 1992. Nowadays, you can use your fingerprint instead. You (almost) never lose it and you (pretty much) don’t have to fumble around in your pocket to find it. Amazon’s got a one-day deal on biometric door locks — normally selling for about $200, they’re on sale for $160 and available in silver, black, or chrome.

The “BIOLOCK 333” features a 500-dpi fingerprint sensor and can also be unlocked with a key, old-timey style, just in case you live with a true neophyte. The door can even be unlocked with an included remote control as well.

It’s a wonder anyone still uses keys at all. Well, beside the fact that normal door locks don’t cost $160. Beside that.

BIOLOCK 333 Biometric Fingerprint Entry Lever Door Lock with Remote Control [Amazon]