Battery operated web-controlled door locks

Ok, now come on. Web-controlled door locks? Oh, Schlage, tell me it’s not true. It is? Your LiNK system is great you say? Ok, well, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for your Z-Wave home automation technology. Being able to wirelessly control temperature, lighting and even the pool certainly sounds cool.

I see, so the Z-Wave “Bridge” plugs into an Ethernet port on the household Internet router, which enables me to control all these things. It certainly is nice that the devices communicate using RF signals encrypted using AEC 128-bit protocols. Oh, and the web portal uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection. Hmm… I feel safer already.

Hey, I’m even cool with the $12.99 monthly charge for access to the LiNK online portal. (Not to mention the $300 door lock). All that is fine, but I’d like to get into my house now. It seems the batteries in my door lock are dead. (Yes, I know, I see the keyhole and input pad too – I’m just saying is all).

via PC World