National Photo Month contest winners!

Next time I run a contest on CrunchGear, I am definitely not going to commit to selecting a random winner. The submissions for our National Photo Month contest were great! They were clever, artistic, and truly enjoyable. You guys outdid yourselves, and I really wish I could reward everyone who entered with a prize. But alas, I committed to selecting three random winners.

The booq Boa Flow camera bag goes to commenter Jay, for the photo of his camera bag!

The Joby GorillaPod goes to Jsarrafi, who submitted this photo to our email address!

And the lensbaby Composer lens goes to Alan Brandon, who submitted his photo via Twitter!

Really, though, you guys outdid yourselves. The quality and creativity of the submissions completely blew me away. Here are a couple of my personal favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Mary’s bag:

Ansel hates his bag!

Eric’s bag:

Raymond’s bag:

Gregory’s bag:

Kevin’s tripod:

Ricky’s tripod:

Daniel made up some wonderful stories to accompany his photos, which were a lot of fun to read.

The tripod decided it’s going to cross the street. All the major intersections in Salt Lake have flags that pedestrians are supposed to wave to make them better targets…I mean more visible to cars.

Ketaki’s tripod:

Georges’ tripod:

Palak’s lens:

Doug’s lens:

David’s lens:

Carson’s lens:

Michael didn’t care what he won. I wish I could have rewarded him and his dog Chewbacca. Maybe next time, guys!

Max Roper didn’t seem to read the contest instructions at all!

Once again, let me say that everyone who submitted went all out, and I’m really grateful for your efforts. Looking at photo after photo of bags and tripods and lenses wasn’t exactly something to look forward to, but you all made it a blast. It was also a treat to see people getting their friends and families involved in this!

Stay tuned: we have more stuff to give away soon, and you’ll definitely need to bring your A game the next time!