• Tenka Labs raises $2.1 million to turn LEGO blocks into kids’ engineering projects

    Tenka Labs raises $2.1 million to turn LEGO blocks into kids’ engineering projects

    Nate MacDonald and John Schuster spent more than a decade in schools looking to teach students some basic principles of circuitry and engineering — but realized that just giving them a battery and a motor and saying “go” wasn’t enough. So the two have started Tenka Labs, a new company that designs small blocks that operate as parts of circuits that they can connect to… Read More

  • Is Creationary A Lego Boardgame? Yes. Yes It Is.

    At first blush a game called “Creationary” may sound a bit anti-science but it is, in fact, just Pictionary with Legos. It costs $34 and is for ages 7-12 and apparently you can build your own die and then pick cards to tell each player what to build. You can make vehicles, buildings, or items from nature (there’s also a nebulous “things” category) and it’s for… Read More

  • LEGO Mindstorms Project Sorts And Cleans Up Your Legos

    Coin sorting machines are cool, but they can’t put away your Legos like this. Using a laser and a scale, this NXT project is able to visualize and weigh Lego pieces to determine how to sort them. At the end of the conveyor belt, the pieces are placed into corresponding parts bins for safe keeping. I think it’s safe to say all parents would love one of these for their kids. [via… Read More

  • A Lego Like Light That Lights When You Like (Video)

    Check out this Lego Like light; yes, the Facebook Like Lego Light. Using Aduino, redpepper was able light up their Lego Light anytime someone liked their Facebook page. It was all made possible when Facebook opened up their Graph API, allowing developers to grab Like data. Just a few simple scripts and a few wires, and the Like Light came alive. Video after the break. Read More

  • The Star Wars trilogy told in 2:13 with LEGOs

    I don’t know if it’s more sad: someone actually owns that many Star Wars LEGOs or that I’m jealous. Either way, the video is awesome. Well done, kind sirs. Well done. Read More

  • We would like to present a Lego bar chart

    Dear readers: This is a robotic bar chart made out of Legos. It was made for the Maker Faire. It shows dynamic bar graphs. You may now return to your cages. via BBG Read More

  • Kid breaks arm, gets bionic LEGO cast

    No fair! I wish I had a broken arm with a bionic LEGO cast that allowed me to accessorize with several wonderful gadgets like flashlights and voice recorders. Lucky! Read More

  • Star Wars diorama built from 60,000 LEGO blocks

    Believe it or not, I actually feel that it IS possible to over-report on LEGO-centric phenomena. However, this 60,000-piece LEGO diorama portraying the epic battle at Hoth is a miracle of modern block-building. Read More

  • Amazing LEGO Olympic scenes

    The Hong Kong LEGO User Group used some 300,000 LEGO blocks and 4,500 LEGO people to recreate some amazing scenes and venues from the Beijing Games. Hit the jump for some views of the Water Cube, table tennis, beach volleyball, and more… Read More

  • Lego Johnny 5 is totally awesome, totally detailed

    Johnny 5, you see, is alive. Or at least as far as robots made out of Legos go. This is one of the most precise Lego replicas i’ve ever, ever seen, and that’s saying a lot as I’m a total Lego nerd. Every joint is fully movable. Add some lightning and a clumsy romantic sub-plot and you’ve got one of the best movies of the 80s. Did you know that the Indian guy from… Read More

  • Lego robot driven by an iPhone

    Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? Sure it can cure cancer, but did you know that it can also acts as a robot brain? By using a NXT Robot, a light sensor, and two iPhones, you can program a little robot that will react to the iPhone’s flashing screen and drive around the office. There are full instructions here but just wait until the 3G iPhone. That one will already be… Read More

  • And they say sports and nerds don't mix

    [photopress:1195833812_SPLASH.jpg,full,center] Denver’s Tim Kaebisch has been using his spare time recently to build a scale replica of Miller Park out of Legos, complete with working retractable roof. It’s a labor of love for Kaebisch, he’s been working on this project in one respect or another for seven years. I used to make X-Wing fighters and Transformers, he builds a… Read More

  • New Legos get old-school, sinister

    [photopress:newspace.jpg,full,center] Legos! We’re not sure why it’s acceptable — no, required — that we gadget blogs report on all things Lego, but we’re compelled to, and we’re more than happy. The Lego site Brickshelf has unearthed a couple badass forthcoming Space Lego sets that look really fun. One’s an old-school generic spaceship, something… Read More

  • Lego robot authenticators to seize control of ATMs worldwide

    Some researcher types thought it would be a good idea to beef up ATM security, and they apparently also thought that big rainbow-colored buttons and a secret trackball signal were the most usable solution. It’s kind of 50’s future-chic, like a navigation system for a poorly designed UFO. Plus it’s legos on the inside. They say it works and that it’s more secure than a… Read More

  • Want to see the new Lego Star Wars kits? Sure you do!

    [photopress:swlegos.jpg,full,left]If you’re a regular reader of this site, chances are good that you like Star Wars. And like Legos. And like Star Wars legos. So why not head over to T3 and take a look at the forthcoming Lego Star Wars kits coming out this year? You can thank us later. New Star Wars Lego: Video and exclusive pics [T3] Read More

  • Legos can make things besides spaceships

    Not to sound like an old fart, but back when I was a kid we had to figure out how to build guns out or Legos ourselves, using rubber bands and gearing them for torque and speed. But today’s lazy youth can actually buy a book of blueprints on how to make guns, catapults, cannons, and laser rifles, with step-by-step instructions. Where will that leave the youth of today when the class… Read More

  • Star Wars + Legos + Watches = Awesome

    We like watches. We like Star Wars. We like Legos. So, naturally, we’re all about these Star Wars Lego Watches, which are just what they sound like. They come in parts, and you get to pick and choose to personalize it, because that’s the kind of nerd you are. Vader, Yoda, Luke and a random Clonetrooper are all four present. For real fun, get all four and combine them to really piss… Read More

  • Tragedy in Legoland: Woman Dies in Lego Rollercoaster Accident

    One of, if not the favorite toy of geeks and Makers everywhere is Legos. The small plastic snap-together bricks can be used to make about anything. In fact, Lego is considered by some to be the most popular toy in the world. So popular, in fact, that in Denmark there is a theme park dedicated to the bricks. Read More

  • A Glorious Toilet Paper Cutter

    I’m coming to understand the majesty of Intelligent Design. The thesis, obviously, is that many natural things are too complex to be created be the vagaries of evolution, which forces us to believe in a prime mover or creator. Here is another example of intelligent design, for verily how could a stoned college kid from UC-Berkeley create such a masterful system for rolling, cutting… Read More