• Yanko's camera concept protects the delicate bits

    Yanko is known for their off the wall concept products that never actually materialize. Why do we tell you about them? Because my boss tells me to write them up. Maybe he hopes that someday, one of these products will actually exist. Because you know, dreams can come true. Read More

  • PS3 goes portable (kind of) with Hori's LCD screen dock

    This is something gadget modder Ben Heck might have thought about, but if yes, Japanese game peripheral maker HORI (which also sells stuff in the US) was faster this time. The company today announced [JP] a portable LCD screen, which, once attached to the top of a PS3 Slim, makes the console (somewhat) portable. Read More

  • Coming soon: 50% lighter LCD TVs

    Another possible breakthrough for LCD TVs? Researchers at Japanese chemical company Teijin and Yamaguchi University claim they have developed a new technology that makes it possible halve the weight of LCD TVs. Conventional LCDs are based on silicon solid-state devices on glass substrates, which “sandwich” liquid crystals. These devices generate heat when used, prompting… Read More

  • Breakthrough? New spreadable electrode may pave way for cheaper LCDs

    A research team from Japan-based Mitsui Mining & Smelting and Tohoku University says it managed to develop a spreadable electrode that may lead to lower prices for LCD panels in the future. The key element of the technology are indium tin oxide particles of 5-10 nanometers in diameter (pictured) the team has created. Read More

  • Dell to sue 5 major LCD manufacturers for price fixing

    Dude, you’re getting sued by Dell! That is, more or less, what five major tech firms — including giants Sharp Corp., Hitachi Ltd., and Toshiba Corp., as well as Seiko Epson and HannStar — were told on Friday, when Dell filed suit at a U.S. district court, charging that the companies engaged in the price fixing of LCD monitors. Read More

  • Hitachi Japan rolls out 11 new plasma and LCD TVs

    Last week it was Sony, and today it was Hitachi announcing [JP] a flood of new flat-screen TVs for the Japanese market. Hitachi does sell TVs outside this country, too, so chances are the four plasmas and seven LCDs find their way into other markets as well. (Some models will be offered in different colors, which is why you see more than 11 TVs in the picture above.) The company has divided… Read More

  • Not 3D but pretty, too: Sony's seven new LCD TVs

    Granted, the seven new LCD (non-3D) TVs Sony announced [JP] in Japan today are not as sexy as their 3D counterparts, but they are worth mentioning, too. The new BRAVIAs break down into three series, the NX800, the HX700 and the HDD-equipped BX-30H. In contrast to the 3D TVs presented today, Sony didn’t go into details regarding international sales plans for their 2D models. Read More

  • Replacing laptop LCDs to save battery life

    What’s least energy efficient part of your laptop? The LCD, correct. What are your options? Stop using computers? I would if I could, believe me. Or, you could be a little adventurous and try to swap out the LCD with another, more energy efficient one. Sort of like hammering a nail with a sledgehammer, yes. Read More

  • Samsung and Sharp settle dispute over LCD patents

    They fought each other in courts in the USA, Europe, Japan and Korea since summer 2007, but now Samsung and Sharp finally settled [Sharp’s official press release in English] all their ongoing lawsuits over LCD technology patents. The suits (initiated by Sharp) concerned a total of five different LCD-related technologies Sharp owned, i.e. regarding the “brightness, response speeds… Read More

  • Super-thin, bendable LCDs are coming

    We have seen curved plasmas, OLED TVs and LCDs in the past, both as prototypes and actual products. And while many people believe OLED screens and not LCDs or plasmas are the future, a Japanese consortium of 13 companies and institutions is working hard on developing super-thin, flexible LCDs. The companies claim they now have found a way to produce these LCDs by using plastic film instead… Read More

  • Samsung looks to mass produce 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen displays

    Standard, boring LED screens: your days are numbered! Samsung announced today that it will begin mass producing AMOLED displays with touch functions built right in. The displays will be 3.3″ WVGA touchscreens that will be, thanks to the AMOLED technology, much thinner than your average touchscreen display on current phones. The beauty of this technology is that it produces thinner… Read More

  • Toshiba to sell Hello Kitty Regza LCD TV

    It’s not the first Hello Kitty TV out there, but this new Toshiba TV is perhaps the one with the most discreet design. Announced [JP] today, the Hello Kitty 19A800KT is a 19-inch LCD TV that sports the cartoon cat on both the device itself and the remote controller. But that’s not all. Read More

  • More LED-backlit LCD TVs: Sharp announces another four models

    LED-backlit panels are becoming more and more mainstream, with nearly every 16:9 laptop coming out lately boasting that feature. Apple said as early as 2008 they would start using LED backlights for every one of their notebooks (and the iPad has those, too). LED-backlit LCD TVs are catching on, too, providing greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCDs and making it possible to… Read More

  • New polarizer film to boost contrast of LCDs more than 10-fold

    A Japanese company called Zeon claims it has developed a film for the polarizing plates of LCD screens that boosts picture contrast by more than an order of magnitude. The company is already selling films for those plates to LCD TV makers like Samsung whose screens are based on vertical alignment technology. It produces films for OLED screens, too. Zeon’s new, so-called phase… Read More

  • Panasonic officially owns Sanyo and boasts the world's largest plasma panel plant now

    Good news for Panasonic in the last 48 hours. The company announced yesterday that it now officially turned Sanyo into a subsidiary after acquiring a 50.27% stake in its smaller rival. The merger was in the making for several months, and Panasonic paid a whopping $4.4 billion to make it happen. So we now have Japan’s second largest electronics maker in terms of sales (Hitachi is still… Read More

  • Report: Sharp and Philips agree on LCD TV deal

    The consolidation process in the TV business continues and now even becomes international. Just last month, Sharp inked a “historical” joint venture deal with former rival Sony, agreeing to supply LED backlights to Sony for their LCD TVs (which happened this month). Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty LCD TV with super-cute remote control

    Hello Kitty, the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls around the world, regularly gets a lot of love from the gadget world, too. But Hello Kitty TVs were relatively scarce so far. Last time we blogged about one was in June 2008. While that one was pretty cute by itself, this new model announced today [JP], a 13.3-inch LCD TV, is much, much cuter (at least in my view). Read More

  • Motion blur is a big fat lie

    Ever since Area 51 and the grassy knoll, we’ve all known the government was hiding something. What, exactly? Was it that Spain is really France? That hemp makes great rope? No. It’s that motion blur in LCDs isn’t that big a deal. And it’s time to blow this cover-up wide open. Dr. Raymond Soneira at DisplayMate has blown the lid off this whole thing by writing a detail… Read More

  • Samsung overtakes Vizio as top LCD seller

    Samsung and Vizio have been playing a game of leapfrog the last couple of years. It seems every couple of financial quarters, the manufacturers switch between the number one and number two spots on the top LCD sellers chart. But as of right now, Samsung is king of the mountain again. Read More

  • Shock: TV association complaining about possible new California green regulations

    This California TV regulation thing isn’t going to happen without a fight, no sir. Even though a bunch of LCD makers have said that they wouldn’t have too much of a problem complying with whatever the California commission comes up with, the LCD TV Association has just applied the brakes, saying that any such regulation will ultimately result in “TVs that have fewer… Read More