LG announces new 3D TVs, networked Blu-ray player

LG just announced their new 3D televisions, and they look tasty. Available in multiple sizes, all of the new models include the networking features that are making TVs so much more then just a plain old display these days.

There’s several new models, but they all use LG’s NetCast system. NetCast gives you access to online content like Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, and Picasa directly to your TV. The new televisions also claim to save you energy, something that LCD televisions have been criticized for in the past. The new TVs have an “Intelligent Sensor” that claims to automatically calibrate and optimize brightness, contrast, white balance, and color based on the ambient light in a room. The TVs also also for a “day” and “night” mode, letting you set optimal levels for viewing in your living room.

So let’s talk pricing. Of course, there’s multiple sizes available, at different price points. All of the pricing we have now is MSRP of course, so the street price may be a bit different. The 55-inch, model 55LX9500 is $5,400; the 47-inch, model 47LX9500 is $4,300. Both of these models are 480 Hz, and THX certified. Next we have the 55-inch model 55LX6500 priced at $3,499; and the 47-inch model 47LX6500 at $2,699. These two models are not THX certified, and run at a lower 240 Hz.

LG also announced their latest Blu-ray player today, the BX580. This new player supports both 2D and 3D discs, and also supports LG’s NetCast. The BX580 supports wifi, Blu-ray and DVD disc playback, upscaling, and HDMI 1.4a output. Expect to pay $349.99 for this new model.

View the full press release for the TV’s, and for the Blu-ray player.