Facebook’s Having Some Issues With Twitter Cross-Posting, But Nobody Cares. For Reasons.

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Telescoping Fork: What Yogi Uses During Football Season

Have you ever gotten to the point where you’re so lazy or tired that you can’t get yourself to move from the couch to the table to get another chicken wing? Football is starting back up an

Washing Machine, No Detergent Necessary

If you’re like me, you launder your clothes roughly once per quarter and fly into an incoherent rage before you even get the washing machine lid open because someone (probably you, three months

Another Reason To Stay In Bed: The Voice-Command Universal Remote Control

What’s the point of getting out of bed anymore? We might as well be bedridden for the rest of our lives the way technology wants to improve our otherwise active lifestyles. Sheesh. The Voice-Com

Hand Gestures Eliminate TV Remote Control

Australian engineers Dr. Prashan Premaratne and Quang Nguyen have created a controller with a built-in camera that recognizes simple hand gestures to turn the TV on or off and to change channels. It c

Lazy Dude Makes Program To Keep Laptop From Sleeping Alright, so there’s this dude named Brien Schultz, right? This guy is so finnicky, that he doesn’t want his laptop to go

Slouchpod Endorses Laziness: We Get Fatter

OK, in no way does the SlouchPod Interactive XT actually endorse laziness because that’s what the gaming console manufacturers are for. What the SlouchPod does endorse is some good ol’ fashion

Q: Pizza Vending Machine — Pinnacle of Civilization or Depths or Depravity? (A: Both)

, there is a line between easy and greasy, and we’re afraid the Pizza Vending Machine has crossed it. On the surface, it’s a fine concept: pop in a few bucks, and 2 or 3 minutes later, you