Lazy Dude Makes Program To Keep Laptop From Sleeping

Alright, so there’s this dude named Brien Schultz, right? This guy is so finnicky, that he doesn’t want his laptop to go to sleep when he moves it around the house. God forbid he just leave the lid open or get a laptop that isn’t from 1997. Anyways, Brien went ahead and created a program that monitors the laptop’s accelerometer so that if the laptop is shut, it won’t fall asleep.

However, if the laptop is indeed in motion and being carried, yet not being used, his program will start a countdown to send the ‘puter to sleep. The program, appropriately named “Bedtime”, can’t be downloaded, because Brien is mean and doesn’t want to share his creation. Whatever dude. You’re the one with the laptop from 1997.

It’s Bedtime [Brien’s Blog]