Washing Machine, No Detergent Necessary

HaierIf you’re like me, you launder your clothes roughly once per quarter and fly into an incoherent rage before you even get the washing machine lid open because someone (probably you, three months ago) has used all the detergent.

Well for just shy of a thousand bucks, Haier will sell you a washing machine that doesn’t use detergent yet still somehow gets clothes clean.

The WasH20 breaks water into OH- and H+ ionic components and, once split, the OH- isolates stains while the H+ scrubs the clothes.

Someone with a more nerdly mind might be able to explain this process better but I’m inclined to believe that this machine works based on the fact that Haier’s a pretty established company.

Initially available in France, no word on US plans yet.

Detergentless Haier WasH20 Washing Machine [Freshome.com]

Product Page (in French)