Crunch Report | China’s New Cybersecurity Laws

China has some new cybersecurity laws, starting in January 2017, Tesla will charge owners of new Teslas for Supercharger use if they drive more than 1,000 miles a year, Samsung leaks its AI plans for

EU-US Privacy Shield data transfer deal faces legal challenge

The European Commission's newly minted data-sharing arrangement with the U.S. -- the EU-US Privacy Shield -- is facing a legal challenge on privacy grounds.

Europe’s top court to weigh in on Facebook privacy ‘class action’

Europe's top court, the CJEU, has been asked to rule on whether a privacy-related legal action brought against Facebook can be treated as a class action or not.

Kim Dotcom’s extradition appeal has started and is being live-streamed

More than four years later, Kim Dotcom’s legal battles (at least in New Zealand) may be close to an end. His final appeal to avoid extradition to face charges in the U.S started yesterday in A

UK faces Human Rights challenge to state’s bulk hacking abroad

Privacy rights organization Privacy International has filed another legal challenge to the UK government's use of bulk hacking against foreigners. The filing, with the European Court of Human Rights,

Microsoft Stream is a new video service for businesses

Microsoft today launched Stream, a new business video service that aims to give businesses that want to share video internally the same kind of tools and flexibility that YouTube offers to consumers &

Psst… it’s still okay to share your Netflix password

A Federal Appeals Court this month issued a ruling that makes password-sharing a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. That has given many Americans pause, as sharing passwords to onli

What Apple’s differential privacy means for your data and the future of machine learning

Apple is stepping up its artificial intelligence efforts in a bid to keep pace with rivals who have been driving full-throttle down a machine learning-powered AI superhighway, thanks to their liberal

TPP Trade Agreement Slammed For Eroding Online Rights

Measures agreed in an international trade treaty between Pacific Rim countries threaten Internet users' privacy and consumer rights, civil and digital rights organizations have warned today.

Pay To Play: How Investors Get Burned Fast In A Downturn

Earlier this year, the law firm Fenwick & West published a report analyzing the financing terms of 37 U.S.-based venture-backed companies that raised money at valuations of $1 billion or more in

The Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

The alleged owner of the Silk Road, an online black market, has been sentenced to life in prison by Judge Katherine B. Forrest in a Federal District Court in Manhattan. He was found guilty on seven ch

Microsoft Loses Email Privacy Case With U.S. Gov, Will Appeal

Microsoft lost an appeal today, as a federal judge ordered that it must comply with a U.S. warrant seeking email data on servers located in Ireland. During this process, it has been Microsoft's conten

Lawyer, Disrupt Thyself

According to TechCrunch, law is the sector with the least VC investment. I’m not at all surprised by that. I’ve been practicing law for nearly 25 years, in myriad settings (large firm, GC at a tec

On California’s Bizarre Internet Eraser Law For Teenagers

California has passed a well-intentioned law allowing teens to scrub their youthful indiscretions from the Internet. Starting in 2015, any minor can request that a digital service provider delete pict

Launching A Startup? Make A Clean Legal Break From Your Employer First

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Stephanie Singer practices law at WilmerHale, where she advises emerging companies in the technology and life sciences industries on formation, financings and ongoing corp

Judicata Raises $5.8M Second Round to Build Out Advanced Legal Research Systems; Keith Rabois Joins Board

Judicata, a legal research startup based in San Francisco, has closed its second round of financing, a $5.8M round led by Khosla Ventures. Keith Rabois, a former PayPal and Square executive who recent

The Constitution And The 3D Printed Plastic Pistol

By now, you have probably heard about the Liberator, a 3D printed plastic gun designed, assembled, and test-fired by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. Is it legal?

Netflix Gets Social In The U.S. Thanks To Facebook Partnership, After Over A Year Of Lobbying And Lawmaking

Netflix today introduced Facebook integration for U.S. users, allowing subscribers who opt in to see what their friends have been watching and what they like best when logged into the service. The int

Germany Passes New Internet Copyright Law After Watering It Down To Spare Google From Having To Pay

The German Bundestag passed an addendum to the country's copyright laws <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… WCIT: Is This The End Of The Internet? [TCTV]

Today, the dark day Syria shut down its Internet, web freedom should be at the very forefront of all of our minds. Web freedom was also center stage earlier this week when Stanford Law School hosted
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