laptop hunters

  • Microsoft bows to Apple's pressure, changes Laptop Hunter ad

    “As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between. But a little whining from Apple isn’t going to stop Microsoft from running the ads.” Looks like Devin was right, as he often is. Microsoft has updated the “Laptop Hunter” ad that had annoyed Apple, and now it’s much more benign. Read More

  • Apple: "Quit running those Laptop Hunters ads." Microsoft: (Maniacal laughter)

    Well, it’s a big day for Microsoft! Their first official retail stores are dated and partially located, Gates mentions that Project Natal is coming to Windows, and now it appears that Apple has cried uncle with the Laptop Hunters ads. Actually, it probably depends on who you ask. Microsoft will say that its shopping farces were effective, not just on consumers but on the competition as well. Read More

  • Video: Latest Laptop Hunters ad

    Matt, Olivia and Jayden are a getting an HP dv7! Is it just me or is Olivia mildly attractive? Read More

  • Young people see Microsoft as a better value

    The Laptop Hunters commercial campaign that Microsoft is pushing seems to be working. Young people in the 18-34 demographic see a laptop running Microsoft Windows as a better value for the money than an Apple laptop running OSX. Apple had dominated consumer mindshare in the winter, but has since fallen behind Microsoft. Read More

  • Laptop Hunters: Jennie (a NSFW spoof)

    Oh man. We’ve seen a Laptop Hunters spoof before, but not one that goes to this extreme. It’s a bit much at times, but still worth watching. However, as the post title indicates, it may not be safe for work. Read More

  • Laptop Hunters: "Lauren" is back with her mom

    After the jump you can find the latest Laptop Hunters ad in the famous series of video advertisements Microsoft is putting out there to make people proud of being a PC again (and at the same time attack pricing for Macs). The latest ad features pre-law student Lauren and her mom, Sue, and these are the things they are looking for primarily in a laptop: speed, portability and battery life. They… Read More

  • Apple reacts to Laptop Hunters using elimination

    Okay so a PC is slow or has a small screen or has viruses causing you headaches. Apple’s response to the Laptop Hunters is just a little smarter than Microsoft’s ads. Or not at all. What’s more interesting is this other ad about customer care. Go check them out. Read More

  • Laptop Hunters ads edited on Macs?

    It appears, from shots taken at Crispin Porter + Bogusky (the agency behind the Laptop Hunter ads), that the famously PC-friendly videos were in fact edited on Macs — including, ironically, the one where a PC is selected for video editing. Now, before we all put on our LOLhats, keep a couple things in mind: first, this is an independent ad agency that happened to do these spots… Read More

  • New Laptop Hunters ad: Sheila spends two grand on another HP

    HP wins again with the latest Laptop Hunters episode. Is it just me, or are they doing some really creative editing with the dialogue? It’s like NPR interview editing on steroids. As for her choice, I personally would go with a Mac at that price (not so much at $1000 or $1500), or at least go with a more interesting PC. It’s widescreen and it has a good processor and video card? Read More

  • Four new Apple commercials, PC fanboys ready flame comments

    Microsoft is right in the middle of its Laptop Hunter campaign, but Apple’s got something for Gates & Co. with four more Mac vs PC ad spots. You know the subject too, PCs crash, have tons of legalese, and get viruses. The only ad that’s actually positive and points out novel Mac features is the one about iPhoto and its new Faces features. Watch all four after the jump. Read More

  • Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank (it's a spoof)

    Ironiclly, this spoof on Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter videos is the closest video to the truth. A shopper admires a Mac, but it’s a tad out of their price range so they slump to the world of PCs only to discovery Windows Vista, anti-virus software and plastic. They end up buying a PC ’cause, well, there isn’t any other options. Yay! It’s a PC. Read More

  • Laptop Hunters circa 1985

    The anti-Apple campaign has been around for a while. Look at the kid. He is stoked that he’ll finally be able to release his creative itch via Photon Paint on his new Amiga! How exciting. Read More

  • Third episode of Laptop Hunters: $1,500 and they still don't buy Mac

    This episode of Laptop Hunters has been brought to you by Microsoft and Sony VAIO. Spoiler: the actors don’t buy a Mac, instead wander aimlessly around the dozens of PC models until finding a Blu-ray equipped Sony VAIO. Sorry to ruin the surprise. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Video: New Microsoft commercial makes Giampaolo happy for $1,500

    I’m sensing a trend here. Microsoft is working with a formula for its new advertising campaign, dubbed Laptop Hunter. The gist: A good-looking yet accessible actor goes into a mall. They look around, decide Macs are too expensive/cool/exciting for their down-to-earth lifestyles, and then buy an HP, in this case an HP with bad battery life. While I’m totally down with attractive… Read More