Laptop Hunters ads edited on Macs?

It appears, from shots taken at Crispin Porter + Bogusky (the agency behind the Laptop Hunter ads), that the famously PC-friendly videos were in fact edited on Macs — including, ironically, the one where a PC is selected for video editing. Now, before we all put on our LOLhats, keep a couple things in mind: first, this is an independent ad agency that happened to do these spots, they’re not some top-secret Mac task force that Microsoft has to use because for some reason Premiere wouldn’t cut it. Also, while it may be that for professional video editing and design, Macs are a better choice (i.e. for an advertising firm that encourages the Mac ecosystem and subsidizes purchases), but at $1000 or $1500 the issue is far from clear-cut. Still, it is pretty funny.


Also, does that place look like a sweatshop to anyone else?

[via Wired and Cult of Mac]