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Klarna credit card launches in the US as Swedish fintech grows its market presence

Klarna is launching its credit card in the United States, the Swedish fintech giant told TechCrunch in an exclusive interview. “It was one of our most asked for products,” said David Fock, Klarna’s chief product and design officer, “and will allow people to pay in the Klarna way but with a card.” By “Klarna way,”…

5:30 am PDT • April 17, 2024
Klarna credit card launches in the US as Swedish fintech grows its market presence

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When startups fail, these startups clean up

Swedish fintech company Klarna announced today its first subscription plan, “Klarna Plus,” for $7.99 per month, featuring benefits like no added service fees when using Klarna’s One Time Card, double…

Klarna introduces $7.99 ‘Klarna Plus’ subscription plan as it approaches an IPO

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Klarna’s and Affirm’s very good week

Notable among the Klarna IPO chatter is the fact that it is far from the only private company worth billions that we are watching approach the public markets.

Klarna is inching toward an IPO, and it’s not the only one

Before being known as the bank that collapsed, Silicon Valley Blank made a name for itself as a bank that helps support underrepresented founders.

TC+ Roundup: Many Black founders are rooting for SVB

Fintech giant Klarna has reached an agreement with workers that were set to strike next week, the company told TechCrunch today. Klarna employees were planning to strike next week in…

Swedish fintech Klarna dodges a strike after reaching agreement with workers

Klarna is introducing a suite of new features, including an AI-powered image-search tool called Shopping lens, the company announced on Wednesday. The company is also launching shoppable videos in Europe,…

Klarna launches a suite of new features, including an AI-powered image-search tool

Tech companies are getting the hang of making money, or at least they’re losing far less than they used to when money was cheap and “growth” was sexy.

Tech companies are finding their profitability groove

Revenue in the second quarter grew at an even faster pace, up 17%.

Klarna’s Q2 results include profitable month as GMV continues growth streak

Klarna managed to nab market share in a contracting market, keeping its own growth story afloat despite stiff headwinds.

Klarna’s Q1 results show that the fintech unicorn’s turnaround is in full swing

Klarna, the payments and shopping platform, announced today new features and updates that aim to give users a more personalized shopping experience. This includes “Ask Klarna,” a personal shopping assistant…

Klarna’s latest update introduces a personal shopping assistant and new creator tools

After installing the Klarna plugin from the ChatGPT plugin store, users can ask the ChatGPT chatbot product recommendation questions, even referencing budget.

Klarna plugs ChatGPT into its platform for faster product recommendations

Klarna has had a publicly difficult few quarters. Now that we have its 2022 financial data, we can look more closely at how it performed amid all the noise.

How much progress is Klarna making toward profitability?

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Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz invested more in fintech than any other sector in 2022

Klarna wins over the US

5:00 am PST • February 22, 2023

The U.S. is now Swedish payment giant Klarna’s biggest market by revenue, surpassing Germany, and that has CEO and co-founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski feeling proud. In an exclusive interview with TechCrunch,…

Klarna wins over the US

As inflation and interest rates climbed, consumer-focused BNPL players have struggled with increased defaults amid less discretionary spending.

Is this the end of the BNPL boom?

Protect me from what I want

10:00 am PST • January 21, 2023

Buy now, pay later is an alluring option for consumers. But with rising debt and inflation, perhaps the focus should be on companies that help protect borrowers from digging themselves…

Protect me from what I want

While most fintech unicorns are still garnering impressive valuations, the sector’s hype from last year has started to fade.

Fintech unicorn valuations have fallen hard in 2022

Klarna is expanding into the competitive world of price comparisons, with the launch of a new tool that compares prices across thousands of retailers. The company quietly rolled out the…

A ‘credible alternative to Google and Amazon’: Klarna brings its price comparison tool to Europe

As consumers turn to content creators to influence their online shopping habits, Klarna, the buy now, pay later platform, today launched a new Klarna Creator app for retailers and influencers…

Klarna launches new creator features and shoppable video

They say if you’re going to cut, cut deeply so you only have to do it once. Alas, a growing number of companies are realizing that despite layoffs earlier in…

With new cuts, Klarna joins the ranks of companies having to conduct more than one layoff

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Klarna, Affirm show how expensive fintech growth can be

Why are Klarna and Affirm worth as much as they are, given that they are unprofitable, cash-consuming businesses seemingly unable to generate corporate net income off of consumer lending despite a presumed tech advantage?

10:30 am PDT • August 31, 2022
Klarna, Affirm show how expensive fintech growth can be

According to BCG global assets under management are around $100 trillion, but only $715 billion, or less than 1%, goes on what you might term “impact” companies or projects to…

Klarna founder to launch new ‘Nobel Prize for Impact’

Blockchain-based games have seen a surge in popularity, but playing them is getting expensive. Play-to-earn games like StepN require players to purchase an NFT before they can participate, while other…

Play now, pay later: Halliday bags $6M seed round led by a16z

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Will a weaker euro lead to greater US investment in European startups?

A strong dollar makes deals in Europe potentially cheaper for American investors and could make selling abroad more attractive to euro-denominated startups.

8:00 am PDT • August 3, 2022
Will a weaker euro lead to greater US investment in European startups?

The fintech sector has had its ups and downs as of late. And yet, investors remain bullish on the potential value that these startups can bring worldwide.

8 investors discuss fintech’s potential despite the market downturn

Which is more reflective of the market today: H1 2022 numbers compared to their year-ago comps or the high-impact repricings seen by Instacart, Klarna and others?

You can now get startup shares on the cheap

As one of the most richly valued startups in history, is Stripe’s internal valuation cut as bearish as the big numbers might lead some to believe?

Stripe’s new and lower internal valuation, explained

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Mark-to-market to arrive at a realistic valuation and improve your fundraising odds

Tech companies that continue to hold on to their unrealistic 2021 valuations will find it very challenging to finance or sell the company and may risk running out of runway.

10:00 am PDT • July 18, 2022
Mark-to-market to arrive at a realistic valuation and improve your fundraising odds