Kinvey Launches Dedicated Backend As A Service Platform For Enterprise Developers

Kinvey, the enterprise-centric backend as a service (BaaS) platform for mobile apps, is launching a new feature today that will allow its customers to run their apps in a dedicated private cloud or on

Rackspace Rolls Out Its Mobile Plan As Vendors Get Giddy About Backend Data Pipes And Spigots

Suddenly all this backend stuff is hot. Who would have ever thought that data pipes and the spigots would get so much attention? Salesforce is getting into the game and now so is Rackspace with the l

Kinvey Launches Enterprise Back-End Service For Building Mobile Apps That Move Data From Salesforce, Oracle And Other Sources

On one day, the software runs on complex hardware systems behind the firewall. The next it is software operating as a service in the cloud. And so explains<a target="_blank" href="">

SEC Filing: Ray Ozzie’s Startup Talko Raises $4 Million To Develop Cloud-Based Mobile Backend Services

According to a <a target="_blank" href="">Securities and Exchange Commission filing,</a> Ray Ozzie's start

Kinvey Lets App Developers Plug Into Facebook’s Open Graph Without A Web Server

TechStars Boston alum <a target="_blank" href="">Kinvey</a>, a backend-as-a-service provider for web and mobile applications, is today announcing <a target="_blank" href="http://

Kii Cloud Opens Doors For Mobile Developer Platform With 25 Million End Users

A mobile back-end as a service (MBaaS) called <a target="_blank" href="">Kii Cloud</a> officially opened for developers today, boasting 25 million end users and a group of distribution

Kinvey Raises $5 Million For Mobile And Web App Backend As A Service

<p><a target="_blank" href="">Kinvey</a>, the TechStars startup out of Boston that provides a unique back end as a service (BaaS), has closed $5 million in a new Series-A round o

Kinvey Closes $2M Seed Round For Its “Backend As A Service” Product

Most developers would agree: building backends is no fun. It's like setting out to build the game of your dreams, then having to spend 2 months on the rendering engine — by the time you're done buil