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Graphite Kindle 3 Sold Out Again

Looks like Amazon has sold out of the Kindle 3 (3G version) again! If you go look at their site, it shows a shipping delay of 3 – 5 days. The white version is available now, but it seems that pe

Kindle Versus Kindle: Kindle 2 And 3 Screens Compared

<img src="" />If you doubt the efficacy of the new Pearl e-ink displays, take a look at these comparison photos. It looks like a prett

Hands-On First Impressions: Amazon Kindle 3

In my hands right now, ladies and gentlemen? The latest version of the Amazon Kindle, known colloquially as the Kindle 3. Here’s what’s what.

Student's Kindle coming soon

<img src="">Prime View International, maker of electrophoretic displays AKA epaper makes the screens for Amazon's Kindle 2. That much we