• JS-Kit Finally Ditches Its Name, Rebrands As Echo With Some Big Partners In Tow

    Last July, we covered the initial debut of JS-Kit’s Echo, a real-time commenting system.This morning during a media conference call, the CEO Khris Loux announced that in light of the success of the product (and likely because many people haven’t liked the JS-Kit name for years), they are rebranding the entire company as Echo. During the call the company also detailed the first batch… Read More

  • TweetMeme Improves Ranking Engine, Comments With 2.0 Release

    TweetMeme, the quickly-growing site that lists the most popular links on Twitter, is launching an overhauled version today that the startup is calling TweetMeme V2. The company says that today’s release includes “a total rewrite” of its scoring system, which will likely affect how quickly and what type of stories appear on the site. Given that the site isn’t live yet… Read More

  • Testing The Reverberations Of ECHO Commenting On TechCrunch

    “We’re here today to announce the death of comments.” That’s what JS-Kit CEO Khris Loux said in his opening remarks at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp earlier this month. He went on to unveil ECHO, JS-Kit’s new take on how conversations should be happening around content on the web. And today, we’re going to try a limited test of this new system on the… Read More

  • JS-Kit's Real-Time Commenting Widget Echo Captures The Pulse Of Comments On The Web

    Comments are taking on a life of their own now as Facebook Connect and other modes of commenting communication become increasingly popular. Comments are evolving into what some say are “social gestures,” instead of conventional comments and these gestures are taking place all over the web, not just on a publisher’s site. Just look at the amount of reTweets a popular… Read More

  • Comment Consolidation: JS-Kit Acquires SezWho

    JS-Kit, a company that offers an array of Javascript-based commenting, polling, and ratings widgets, is acquiring the assets of SezWho, a competing enhanced comment system. JS-Kit will continue to keep SezWho’s service running for the next 30 days, during which users will be offered a choice of moving over to JS-Kit or choosing an alternative system. SezWho offered a universal… Read More

  • JS-Kit Introduces Picture Comments, Embraces OpenID 2.0

    Cross-platform feedback widgets maker JS-Kit just added a feature that enables users to enhance comments with pictures, on any of the 600,000+ websites using its custom commenting system. I’ve always been curious to know why major blogging platforms don’t simply add such a functionality to their commenting systems, while there are already companies like Seesmic, Viddler and… Read More

  • Soon, All Your Blog Comments Will Belong To Facebook (Or Google)

    There are way too many comment login systems out there. Each blogging platform (WordPress, Typepad, Blogger) has its own login system, then there are the cross-platform commenting systems like Disqus and JS-KIT. But many of these will soon give way to Facebook Connect and Google’s Friend Connect. I am talking about just the ID people use to login, not the commenting systems themselves. Read More

  • Conversation Consolidation: JS-Kit To Acquire coComment? (Update: No)

    We’re still looking to confirm, but alarm:clock says they’ve learned that web widget provider JS-Kit has agreed to acquire conversation tracking service coComment. JS-Kit raised a total of $4.8 million in two rounds, the Series B for $3.6 million dating back less than a month. coComment was also venture-backed: it had raised a total of $1.5 million from Netage Capital Partners… Read More

  • JS-Kit Teams With Userplane In Widget Distribution Partnership

    Widget developer JS-Kit has joined with AOL’s Userplane in a widget cross-distribution partnership that should significantly increase the potential userbases for both companies. Both companies produce popular sets of widgets that can be easily implemented with a minimal amount of code. Among Userplane’s offerings are a popular Webchat widget (which allows for full featured… Read More

  • Widget Maker JS-Kit Closes $3.6 Million Series B Round

    JS-Kit, a startup that develops a series of widgets that can be quickly integrated into websites, has raised $3.6 million in a Series B funding round led by Altos Ventures, with existing investor TEF3 also participating. The company says that it will use the funding to expand its team of engineers, along with the addition of DataPortability’s Chris Saad as Strategic… Read More

  • JS-Kit Acquires Commenting System Provider HaloScan

    JS-Kit, a provider of Javascript comments, ratings, and poll widgets for blogs, has announced their acquisition of HaloScan, one of the largest hosted comments service providers. This announcement is also coordinated with the launch of several major features. Financial terms were not disclosed. HaloScan had previously partnered with JS-Kit in January to provide the users of their comment… Read More

  • JS-Kit Scores Deal With WorldNow, Adds 19 Million Potential Users

    WorldNow, a leading CMS provider for local television news sites that total over 19 million visitors monthly, has partnered with JS-Kit to provide them with a number of community based widgets that will be embedded across their sites. JS-Kit, founded in 2006, creates simple widgets that can be implemented with only a few lines of code (you can see our introductory review of them… Read More

  • A Widget That Does Background Checks On Plumbers, Painters, Products, And More.

    Khris Loux, the CEO of startup JS-Kit, thinks he’s finally come up with the killer widget. JS-Kit has all sorts of widgets used by blogs and other sites for ratings, reviews, polls, and comments. But the latest one he just launched is not just gee-whiz cute. It’s gee-whiz disruptive. It is called the JS-Kit Advisor. And it will bring ratings and reviews from trusted sources such… Read More

  • Blog Recommendation Startup Outbrain Raises $5 Million

    Funding Monday continues. NY/Israeli startup Outbrain is announcing a $5 million series A financing, led by Gemini Israeli Funds and Lightspeed Venture Partners. GlenRock Israel also put money into the round. The company was founded by Yaron Galai, a co-founder of Quigo (recently sold to AOL for $340 million), and Ori Lahav, previously a technologist at Shopping.com. It raised a $1 million… Read More

  • HaloScan Partners with JS-Kit to Distribute Ratings Widget

    HaloScan, a company that provides easily deployable commenting systems for over 489,300 sites, has partnered with JavaScript module provider JS-Kit to provide its user base with “one-click” deployment of JS-Kit’s ratings widget. HaloScan users can now go into their regular commenting system control panel and check a box to show JS-Kit’s ratings widget alongside… Read More

  • Texty: Dead Simple Content Creation And Editing

    Texty is a dead simple but useful new internet service that you can use to quickly create and edit content on a web page with zero HTML or programming skills. Go to the site, start typing text in a WYSIWYG editor, format it and add images. Click a button and get an embed code. Your text will appear in whatever website you add the code to. And if you want to make changes, go back to Texty and… Read More

  • From Garage to Cubicle: JS-Kit Closes $1.2 Million Seed Round

    Web widget provider JS-Kit has been doing a lot of growing up since starting as a simple commenting widget, founder Lev Walkin’s pet project in his off hours. Since then, that single widget has grown into a company with the addition of CEO Kris Loux, 12 engineers from Filmloop, and today’s $1.2 million round of financing led by the Entrepreneur’s Fund III. JS-Kit’s… Read More

  • JS-Kit: Web 2.0 For Lazy People

    We first covered JS-Kit last November when we talked about their quick embed code that lets you add comments to any site where JavaScript is accepted. Since then, JS-Kit has been creating more widgets making adding user interaction to any site dead simple (2 lines of code per widget). JS-Kit has also grown from a one-man-show into a full company after adding 5 of the 12 engineers from… Read More

  • Quick Embed Code to Add Comments To Any Site

    It may not be a multi-million dollar venture-backed startup, but Lev Walkin has an elegant solution to a common feature of the social web, commenting. JS-Kit is an entirely free little javascript embed that allows you to add threaded comments to any web page in one line: "<script src="http://js-kit.com/comments.js"></script>" JS-Kit works by running Lev’s javascript code… Read More