JS-Kit Introduces Picture Comments, Embraces OpenID 2.0

Cross-platform feedback widgets maker JS-Kit just added a feature that enables users to enhance comments with pictures, on any of the 600,000+ websites using its custom commenting system. I’ve always been curious to know why major blogging platforms don’t simply add such a functionality to their commenting systems, while there are already companies like Seesmic, Viddler and Blipback focussing on taking a step further by adding video commenting features to websites.

There are custom picture commenting plugins for WordPress and Movable Type available, but we should note JS-Kit is not only meant for blogs, as it can be installed on any Javascript-enabled website. According to the blog post announcing the new features, JS-Kit users can now attach multiple images to each of their comments on sites running its commenting systems. Images will be auto-thumbnailed and can be clicked on for full-size viewing.

The new features comes right after the announcement that Facebook Connect had been made available to any of the 600,000 blogs and sites that are using the JS-Kit commenting widget, and after the system enabled commenters to add YouTube videos to their feedback.

In other news, JS-Kit has also been upgraded to support OpenID 2.0, not really a surprise as DataPortability co-founder and evangelist Chris Saad works for the company.