• Your Guide To Music On The Web – Part #1

    I’m a Web fanatic, I admit. But you probably already knew that… My work environment has been completely web based for years now. The same applies to my music. Like many people, I used to download music from Kazaa or eMule (Yeah, I know some of you still do). Most of the time now, I listen to music on the web and don’t have any need to download it. My laptop benefits the most… Read More

  • 12M Albums on Jogli Now Embeddable – Record Label Nightmare Continues

    Israeli startup Jogli, the music search engine we previously covered, is now making all of the 12M albums it streams easily embeddable, even on MySpace (example). Beyond albums, the widget (embedded at the end of the post) also allows the embedding of playlists, artists’ best hits and radio stations. It’s color customizable (think YouTube’s player) and if you want to play… Read More

  • Jogli's Music Search Streams 500M Songs, 12M Albums

    Meet Jogli, a music search engine that claims to offer immediate listening access to 500M songs and 12M albums. It would be valid to argue that there can’t possibly be more room for yet another music destination. However, having spent the past few days using Jogli, I have to conclude that it strikes me as having the potential to shake-up competitors including Songza, MeeMix, Deezer… Read More