Jogli's Music Search Streams 500M Songs, 12M Albums

Meet Jogli, a music search engine that claims to offer immediate listening access to 500M songs and 12M albums.

It would be valid to argue that there can’t possibly be more room for yet another music destination. However, having spent the past few days using Jogli, I have to conclude that it strikes me as having the potential to shake-up competitors including Songza, MeeMix, Deezer, SeeqPod, and a number of others.

Jogli crawls the web for music and music clips and then indexes them for search (the majority of songs come from YouTube, but the site will crawl other services). Jogli then lets users listen to the music it has discovered through a player integrated directly within the Web interface. Sure, “search, click & play” is nothing new, but applying it on 500M songs is a significant feat.

From my personal testing Jogli provides effective music search for artists, songs, whole albums, and clips. I easily found every non-mainstream artist or song I searched for—examples: The song ‘Thin Line’ by Jurassic 5 featuring Nelly Furtado, and Nick Cave’s album ‘Let Love In’.

The trend of piggy-backing YouTube via its API is changing the rules of the game for music services. Remember, Internet radio services like MeeMix and have to pay royalties, while Jogli pays none. They don’t even pay streaming or storage costs—YouTube (meaning Google) foots the bills. Of course, this trend may not last long if YouTube starts cracking down on these music videos.

Jogli is in Beta so it’s far from perfect. Community and discovery features, for example, are practically non-existent. However, an inventory of 500M songs is surely enough to get Jogli foot in the door.