The AI disruption wave

Information technology evolves through disruption waves. First the computer, then the web and eventually social networks and smartphones all had the power to revolutionize how people live and how busi

Uh-oh! Crowdfunded social robot Jibo won’t now ship outside North America

Jibo, a cutesy social robot pitched to crowdfunders in mid 2014 as 'the world's first social robot' but since delayed and yet to arrive in the market some nine months after its original due date, is n

Jibo Raises $11 Million To Bring Its Social Robot To Households In Asia

Less than two months after SoftBank's Pepper robot went on sale in Japan, another intelligent humanoid is poised to make its way into Asia. That's because Boston-based Jibo just closed an $11 million

Indiegogo Leads Investors To Hardware Gold

The venture world is hunting for the next batch of billion dollar unicorns in the hardware market, and investors are turning to the crowd to source their deals. VCs have already committed $516 millio

Hands On With Jibo, The Family Robot

While Siri and its ilk have gotten most of us used to the idea of talking to our devices, the current selection of smart assistants still feel more like tools than something with a personality. Jibo,

Jibo Family Friendly Robot Aims To Give Artificial Intelligence A Cutesy Face

Jibo blinks. Jibo winks. Jibo swivels hither and thither. Jibo is chipper. Jibo is polite. Jibo is cute as a button. Never mind its swiveling head turns all the better for algorithms to monitor the fa