J-1 visa

Ask Sophie: How does my immigration status affect export control licensing to build in space tech?

In this column, Sophie provides some context on export control, the J-1 educational and cultural exchange visa, and employment authorization.

Ask Sophie: What do I need to know about getting a J-1 exchange visa?

Is there anything I should know about the J-1, particularly if I later decide to stay in the U.S. once the J-1 program ends?

Dear Sophie: Is there a way to keep working in the US after my J-1 visa expires?

I'm a Fulbright scholar on a J-1 visa. I’ve been told that after my J-1 ends, I’m required to return to my country for two years. Is there a way I can stay in the U.S.?

Dear Sophie: How can I get my 2-year foreign residency requirement for my J-1 waived?

My husband started his own company here on his J-2 visa work permit, and our daughter was born here, but we’re supposed to return to Italy for two years. How can we get a 212(e) waiver?