iTunes Match

One of Apple Music’s biggest problems is getting fixed

Apple is addressing a major complaint some users had with the way its Apple Music streaming service functions when it comes to matching your personal music collection to an online catalog – a

9 Features Apple Music Needs To Win Over Power Users

Apple Music could win over more power users with some changes. And now would be a great time, because everyone's trial periods are about to expire. Here are 9 features that I believe Apple Music could

Apple Reportedly Bringing iTunes Radio To UK, Canada And More In Early 2014

iTunes Radio is one of the best new parts of iOS 7 (and the most recent update to the iTunes desktop media management software), but it's a U.S. exclusive. As is often the case with new movie/music/TV

Google Music Launches Its iTunes Match-Like Scan-And-Match Feature In The U.S.

Google Music has always been a very nice music locker, but while European users were able to use its iTunes Match-like scan-and-match feature since last month, U.S.-based users only got access to this

iTunes Match Launches Today

As <a href="">expected</a>, the launch of iTunes Match is now upon us, with today's release of iTunes 10.5.1, available from the iTunes website <a

With iTunes In The Cloud, Apple Under-Promises And Over-Delivers

As the summer winds down and we near the fall, we know two things are for sure about to enter existence in the world of Apple: iOS 5 and iCloud. Given that both offer third-party developers various op

One More Thing: 'iTunes Match' Will Upgrade Your Ripped Music For $24.99 A Year

<img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" /> Apple CEO Steve Jobs just announced his infamous "one more thing" at <a h