iStockphoto Founder Returns To Stock Photography With Stocksy, A Co-op That Puts Artists (And Quality) Before Profits

With the launch of <a target="_blank" href="">Stocksy</a> this week, <a target="_blank" href="">Bruce Livingstone</a> is officially

Snapixel Lets You Share, Sell Photos

<img src="" width="174" height="52" /><a href="">Snapixel</a> is a relatively new photo sharing service combi

iStockphoto Will Soon Start Selling Stock Logos, Too

<img src="" width="214" height="102" /> <a href="">Getty Images'</a> <a href="http://www

Microstock Photography Is Getting Big. iStockphoto Projects $200 Million In Revenues

<img src="" width="215" height="135" /> The microstock photography business is growing out of nothing. The leader in the marke

Photo Scoop: Fotolia Takes A Massive $50 Million To $100 Million Round From TA Associates

<img src="" width="215" height="137" /> Microstock photography site <a href="">Fotolia</a> has taken its

Fotolia Launches Free Stock Photography Bank PhotoXpress

<img src="" width="132" height="200" /> <a href="">Fotolia, </a> a marketplace for microstock photograp

Co-Founder of iStockphoto Joins Rival Fotolia As North American President

<img src="" width="156" height="200" /> Patrick Lor, co-founder of <a href="">iStockphoto,</

Fotolia Now Selling Microstock Video

<img src="" width="214" height="113" /> Microstock photo site Fotolia has just launched its <a href="

ClusterShot Aims To Become Another iStockphoto Rival

<img src="" width="215" height="76" />There's another online marketplace for buying and selling stock photographs in town, and its

iStockphoto Expands Audio-Licensing Business

<img src="" width="215" height="64" />At the SXSW Music Festival, the people from Getty Images-owned <a href="http://www.istockpho

Phishing Attack Takes Down iStockPhoto

<img src="" width="215" height="86" /> Twitter is <a href="">abuzz</a> with new

Fotolia Reaches One Million Registered Members And Five Million Images

<img src="" /> Micro-stock photography is alive and well. <a href="">Fotolia</a> tells us they have just reach

Payoneer's Virtual US Bank Accounts Make International Cash Out Easier

When I last covered payment service provider Payoneer, the company had announced the collection of $3 million more in funding and the addition of iStockPhoto to its client roster. Today, the company i