Phishing Attack Takes Down iStockPhoto

Twitter is abuzz with news that iStockPhoto, a photo store that was acquired by Getty Images in 2006, has been hit with a phishing attack. All users who have logged into the site today are being instructed to change their passwords (presumably because they have been compromised) and the site’s homepage has been taken down.

While the site is currently inaccessible, Sean Locke writes that the site did offer a brief explanation earlier this evening:

This afternoon a phishing attack was conducted in the forums and through sitemail. This attack created a fake login screen, prompting users for a username & password, saved them to a malicious server, then redirected the user back to the iStockphoto main page.

Update 7:18 PM PT: A spokesperson responds in comments

There was indeed an attack against iStock today that was discovered by our security team. As a precaution we took down the site but it will be up shortly. Please see the site for further details.

It appears to be back up now.