IoT is bringing data-driven solutions to transportation infrastructure

In the summer after his freshman year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an engineering school in Worcester, Massachusetts, co-founder and CEO Daniel Pelaez needed a job. He went home and wor

Popular video doorbells can be easily hijacked, researchers find

Several internet-connected doorbell cameras have a security flaw that allows hackers to take over the camera by just holding down a button, among other issues, according to research by Consumer Report

Xage Security raises $20M more to expand its security platform

While the number of cybersecurity funding deals reached a high point in 2022, that doesn’t mean that the sector’s tapped out — far from it. According to Statista, there were 148 deal

Wirepas nabs $22M to expand IoT business based on distributed, mesh technology

Wirepas, a startup out of Finland that is building out an Internet of Things business based on a novel approach — using mesh networking, rather than cellular or Wi-Fi to connect thousands of obj

FloLive connects with $47M to give its IoT and localized cellular technology a boost

Carriers and enterprises that rely on cellular networks to connect workers, devices and machines are forever grappling with tricky unit economics: The promise of 5G was that these costs would come dow

The ‘US Cyber Trust Mark’ finally gives device makers a reason to spend big on security

Here’s why, for the first time, device makers will begin to see cybersecurity as an investment rather than an expense.

How one software company is beating the SaaS growth blues

Samsara, which went public in late 2021, recently proved that it is still possible to expand fast and hold on to value.

Haltian nabs funds to equip office buildings with smart sensors

Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) tech for the office isn’t easy — especially at enterprise scale. Companies have IoT device administration to worry about, and also building out the infras

Infogrid raises $90M for its AI-driven building monitoring tech

Infogrid, a startup that uses AI to collect and analyze data on things like air quality, occupancy and energy consumption, today announced that it raised $90 million in a Series B round led by Northzo

Amazon opens its low-bandwidth, long-range Sidewalk network to developers

Back in 2019, Amazon announced Sidewalk, its low-bandwidth, long-range wireless network that uses the 900 MHz spectrum to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It does this by connecting these dev

Memfault raises $24M to help companies manage their growing IoT device fleets

At the same time Internet of Things (IoT) devices and embedded software are becoming more complex, manufacturers are looking for ways to effectively manage the increasing volume of edge hardware. Acco

Amazon Sidewalk adds new partners, plans to open to developers soon

At CES today, Amazon announced that a number of new devices from four manufacturers will soon join its Sidewalk network. Sidewalk, Amazon’s long-range, low-bandwidth IoT mesh network that is pow

Pitch Deck Teardown: Sateliot’s $11.4M Series A deck

Here's the pitch deck that enabled Sateliot to raise an $11.4 million round of funding to enable IoT devices to communicate with satellites.

SecuriThings is bringing order to IoT device management with $21M investment

As companies deploy more security devices like cameras, access control systems, intercoms and many other tools throughout their organizations, they are often disconnected from traditional IT, and may

Samsung and Google partner to speed up Matter-enabled smart home setups

Samsung and Google announced a new partnership today that will allow easier setup for Matter-enabled devices on both Samsung SmartThings and Google Home systems. At the Samsung Developer Conference he

Industrial IoT startup Litmus Automation bags new cash to grow its product

In recent years, a cottage industry has sprung up around the industrial internet of things (IoT) landscape — and the data generated by it. It’s already overfull with platforms recording, a

Drover AI’s Alex Nesic on using tech to regulate the scooter market

We sat down with Drover AI CEO Alex Nesic as part of an ongoing series of interviews with founders who are building transportation companies.

Google Cloud will shutter its IoT Core service next year

Google Cloud announced this week that it’s shutting down its IoT Core service, giving customers a year to move to a partner to manage their IoT devices. The announcement appeared at the top of the I

Here’s what Swarm has been up to in the 10 months since being acquired by SpaceX

It’s been nearly a year since satellite Internet-of-Things connectivity provider Swarm was acquired by SpaceX, and Swarm co-founder and CEO Sara Spangelo (now senior director of Satellite Engine

Zededa lands a cash infusion to expand its edge device management software

Factors like latency, bandwidth, security and privacy are driving the adoption of edge computing, which aims to process data closer to where it’s being generated. Consider a temperature sensor i
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