• Livefyre Aims To Put Out The Comment Troll Problem; Gets Funding To Do So

    Livefyre Aims To Put Out The Comment Troll Problem; Gets Funding To Do So

    Commenting on the web is broken. Visit just about any site large enough on the Internet and you’ll notice it. Sure, there are useful comments every once in a while, but there are more comments that are either jokes, stupid, or just downright cruel. Considering the web is supposed to be this great medium for interaction, this is a problem. It’s one LiveFyre now thinks they can… Read More

  • TechStars Demo Day: Acquisitions Galore As Twelve Companies Strut Their Stuff

    Today TechStars held its third Demo Day, offering a dozen of its startups the chance to display their wares in front of a throng of investors and the media. TechStars is a seed stage investment fund similar to Y Combinator and DreamIt Ventures that gives startups a modest amount of cash (around $5,000 for each founder) and a three month mentorship in exchange for a 5% equity stake in the company. Read More

  • Automattic Has Acquired IntenseDebate's Enhanced Comment System

    Today at the TechStars demo day, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announced that it has acquired enhanced commenting system IntenseDebate for an undisclosed amount. WordPress has long been in need of an upgraded commenting system, which has led to a number of replacement and augmented systems in the last year, including Disqus and JS-KIT. WordPress CEO Toni Schneider says that… Read More

  • TechStars Demo Day – Class of 2007

    Y Combinator wasn’t the only incubator to demo their most recent startups today. Colorado-based TechStars also brought their startups on stage – ten of them – to give the audience a first look at what they’ve been up to all summer. Each startup gave 5% of their equity in exchange for $15,000, operational support, office space and mentoring. Most of these companies… Read More