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Too Different, Not Different Enough: Why Instagram Direct May Fail

My friends aren't using Instagram Direct, at least not yet. I've received just two IGD messages since it launched Thursday. In the meantime, over 20 close friends I regularly message with elsewhere ha

Instagram Is The Apple Of Apps, Fast Following With Finesse

Instagram didn't invent photo sharing, video sharing, or the photo messaging it launched today. With 150 million users, it doesn't have to be first. It just wants to be the best, making new experience

Kevin Systrom Says He Vets All Instagram Ads, “Too Early” To Put Them On Instagram Direct

During this morning's press event unveiling <a href="">Instagram Direct for private photo-sharing</a>, co-founder Kevin Systrom offered some thoug

Instagram Introduces Instagram Direct

Today at a press event in New York, <a href="">Instagram</a> founder Kevin Systrom has announced that the photo-sharing service is introducing private photo-sharin

Instagram Says Half Of All Instagrammers — 75M+ — Use the App Daily

At a press event today in New York City, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced that the photo- and video-sharing app is used by half of its users use the app every day. Back in September, th