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Twitter decides to release earnings while most of us are sleeping because reasons

A lot of the industry watchers that follow Twitter are out here on the West Coast, where the company is based. And for good reason! The Twitter diaspora exists in a large force out here and are great

Lance Ulanoff Out As Editor Of Mashable

Lance Ulanoff, former editor-in-chief of, has been move to an editor-at-large and chief correspondent position at Mashable, effectively removing him from the EIC position at that title.

The Tesla Saga Continues As NY Times Journo Refutes Claims, CNN Drives A Long Route Without A Hitch

Another day, another salvo in the long-running <a href="">NY Times/Tesla Motors</a> war. This time the NYT journalist John Broder, writing o

Churn: The Problem Of The New Tech Journalism

A decade ago, the news cycle for a CE product worked like this: a PR person contacted a major title - Laptop, say, or PC Magazine - and offered an exclusive for a cover story. "Hey," they'd say. "Hot