Lance Ulanoff Out As Editor Of Mashable

Lance Ulanoff, former editor-in-chief of, has been moved to an editor-at-large and chief correspondent position at Mashable, effectively removing him from the EIC position at that title.

A source close to the move said Jim Roberts, executive editor and chief content officer, demoted him, saying “there was too much overlap in their positions.” Roberts is a New York Times veteran.

Ulanoff took the Mashable position in September 2011. Roberts left the NYT in October 2013 and began to reposition himself in the primary editor. To make room for Ulanoff, former editor-in-chief Adam Ostrow was exiled to a position of Executive Editor with few duties and virtually no one reporting to him. Ostrow has since been promoted to Chief Strategy Officer.

Responding to an email, Ulanoff said it’s “definitely a different role” for him. One that will be “more squarely focused content creation and new storytelling methods,” including Vine,  Instagram, and Glass. He says he will still be involved with “helping to define the voice of the site” in his new roles.