Input Is A Faster (And A Bit Geekier) Way To Interact With Your Most-Used Apps

If you have a bunch of apps installed on your iPhone, it can be challenging to locate the right one when it comes time to jotting something down in a hurry – like adding an item to a grocery li

Leap Motion Lays Off 10% Of Its Workforce After Missing On First Year Sales Estimates

Leap Motion won a lot of buzz early on for its motion controller, which is designed to make it possible for users to interact with their computer through gestures alone. The early buzz and pre-order i

Apple Looking Into A Smart Stylus With Light- And Motion-Sensing Powers

Apple has a new patent application published today by the USPTO (via AppleInsider), which details a stylus with a nib that can be extended to take advantage of multi-touch capabilities for a wider bru

Palette’s Modular Harware Controls Give You Sliders, Buttons And Knobs For Creative Software

Waterloo-based startup <a target="_blank" href="">Palette</a> is building a moddable hardware co

The Ego! Smartmouse Combines Hardware Authentication With A Mouse That Doubles As A Motion Controller

A new Kickstarter project called the Ego! Smartmouse blends together some recent trends in computing, including hardware identity authentication and 3D motion control to come up with a unique input de

Ergonomic $30 mouse looks like heaven on a desk

Oh man, my poor brittle RSI-ravaged wrists feel better just looking at this mouse. I can’t wait until this time next month when I’ll undoubtedly have one of these $30 “Wow-Pen Joy&#8

Blizzard Employee Lets Kid Design Game

Next time you load up World of Warcraft, you may have a newfound understanding for all those players running around trying to get gear. Blizzard employee Rob Pardo watches his 7-year-old daughter play

New Multi-Touchscreen Prototype Could be the Coolest Thing Ever I had eye surgery yesterday, so I guess my attention span is a bit shot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been engulfed in vide