Ergonomic $30 mouse looks like heaven on a desk


Oh man, my poor brittle RSI-ravaged wrists feel better just looking at this mouse. I can’t wait until this time next month when I’ll undoubtedly have one of these $30 “Wow-Pen Joy” mice sitting atop my desk when they hit American soil.

It appears to function just like a regular mouse except that it’s gigantic and lopsided so as to keep my claw-like hand in a more natural position. After trying numerous trackballs, trackpads, and other unconventional input devices, I came to the realization that, for me, nothing beats a mouse that works like a mouse.

Has anyone out there with carpal tunnel or RSI found a good mouse that works like a mouse and costs under $50? Something similar to this thing here?

An ergonomically designed mouse ‘Wow-Pen Joy’ unveiled [AVING]