• Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots

    Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots

    Days of thunder future past? Infiniti’s newest race car prototype is actually inspired by vintage race vehicles of the 1940s, with a torpedo-style sleek cylindrical body and offset wheels at the end of extended axes. The drivetrain of the so-called ‘Prototype 9,’ however, is all 2017: It’s an electric motor, combined with a 30 kWh battery pack. Here’s what I… Read More

  • Infiniti launches a startup lab in Toronto to focus on IoT and smart cities

    Infiniti launches a startup lab in Toronto to focus on IoT and smart cities

    Nissan’s upscale auto brand Infiniti is putting down startup roots in Canada with a new accelerator designed to help spur growth of companies that focus on internet-of-things and smart city technology. The new Infiniti Lab follows the model of the debut Lab launched by the carmaker in Hong Kong in 2015, and is the first Lab in North America, as well as Canada’s first… Read More

  • The day the infotainment died

    The day the infotainment died

    I wanted to review the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red sports coupe, in particular its technology, because Infiniti is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. This was my second test of the Q60; I’d had it in November 2016 for a few days but felt I hadn’t had the chance to explore all of its connected services. So I got another full week with it in February 2017. The Q60 drove great. Read More

  • Need A New Car? Gilt’s Selling A 2013 Infiniti JX For Half Price Today

    Need A New Car? Gilt’s Selling A 2013 Infiniti JX For Half Price Today

    The flash sales fiends at Gilt are no stranger to the idea of putting their customers into new cars — they cut their teeth on a deep discount promotion on three 2011 VW Jettas, and recently hooked up with Range Rover to help customers put down deposits for the 2012 Range Rover Evoque Prestige. Now Gilt is giving luxury car maker Infiniti a crack at their style-savvy audience with one… Read More

  • New Infiniti M Hybrid To Offer 360 Horsepower And 32 MPG, Gets TBWA\Chiat\Day To Advertise

    We drove the 2011 Infiniti M37S a few months back; we liked the car for the most part, but couldn’t seem to get over how much gas it sucked down — even for the V6 we tested. Now, Infiniti has put a hybrid system into the M sedan, improving both power and fuel economy over the V6 in a move Infiniti considers “A challenged notion of what a hybrid should be.” Press… Read More

  • A Week In The Gigantic Infiniti QX56 SUV Mobile Tech Wonderland

    First impression? The 2011 Infiniti QX56 is a monster. Like really big. I grew up in a world of Tahoes and Suburbans, but this Infiniti QX56 feels the size of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle — with a fancy plush interior of course. I’m not entirely sure why the civilized world needs such a large vehicle just to move snotty kids around town but I like it. In fact, out of all the… Read More

  • 2011 Infiniti M37S: The Limit As Car Electronics Approach Infinity

    We all knew that one kid that grew up getting everything he wanted. You know, the one that was always first to get all the cool electronics. Jealousy sets in, especially during the holiday season when all the other children begin asking their parents why they aren’t as loved. A response something like “spoiling never gets anyone anywhere” usually follows, or that being the… Read More

  • 2011 Infiniti M37S: An Extensive Technology Feature List, But The First Impression Isn't Positive

    You can pretty much stand off to the side of the Infiniti M37S and check off the little box for every available vehicle feature: H-O V6? *check* 4 wheel steer? *check* Adaptive cruise control? *check* Bose active noise cancellation? *check* 5.1 Bose surround system? *check* 3D navigation system? *check* A 2011 Infiniti M37S hit my driveway a little bit ago and after taking it for a quick… Read More

  • Infiniti Release First Sketch Of Its 2013 EV Sedan

    Well, there it is. The 2013 Infiniti EV. Looks great, eh? The press release says it will “be a stylish, high performance five-seat luxury vehicle with zero emissions technology.” So in other words, it will be a Nissan Leaf done-up in stylish sheet metal, which will no doubt carry quite a premium. [Infiniti via cnet] Read More

  • Review: Infiniti EX35 Crossover

    The gadgetry in the Infiniti EX35 we tested was intense. Not only is there XM Satellite Radio there is a Bose sound system, front and rear curb sensors, and an amazing external viewing system that initially took my breath away. After driving around in a 2000 Beetle for six years, hopping into the $35,000 EX35 was like visiting Epcot Center after riding around on a carnival merry-go-round for… Read More