Need A New Car? Gilt’s Selling A 2013 Infiniti JX For Half Price Today

The flash sales fiends at Gilt are no stranger to the idea of putting their customers into new cars — they cut their teeth on a deep discount promotion on three 2011 VW Jettas, and recently hooked up with Range Rover to help one lucky customer snag a 2012 Range Rover Evoque Prestige.

Now Gilt is giving luxury car maker Infiniti a crack at their style-savvy audience with one hell of a lunchtime deal. At 12PM EST today, a brand new, fully kitted-out 2013 Infiniti JX luxury crossover will go live on with a full 50% slashed off its sticker price.

Make no mistake folks: even with a half-off discount in tow, the new Infiniti deal is one of the most expensive Gilt has ever offered. Customers looking to stake their claim on the new JX should be sure to have a cool $27,425 on hand later today, and while that’s certainly too rich for my blood, it’s bound to pique someone’s interest. After all, it’s not like Gilt has any trouble selling big ticket items: the sale of a $24,000 vintage Rolex to an iPad user caused a minor stir last year, though in fairness watch geeks are a pretty obsessive bunch.

Now I can’t speak for everyone but no matter how great the deal is, I always feel a weird pang of guilt whenever I make a big purchase. Thankfully, whoever manages to nab the JX should have their conscience eased a bit by the fact that Gilt will donate the car’s full retail value to Coaches vs. Cancer.