2011 Infiniti M37S: An Extensive Technology Feature List, But The First Impression Isn't Positive

You can pretty much stand off to the side of the Infiniti M37S and check off the little box for every available vehicle feature: H-O V6? *check* 4 wheel steer? *check* Adaptive cruise control? *check* Bose active noise cancellation? *check* 5.1 Bose surround system? *check* 3D navigation system? *check*

A 2011 Infiniti M37S hit my driveway a little bit ago and after taking it for a quick drive, I’ll profess that this sedan is unlike any I’ve drove before. It doesn’t belong on the road. This is a track car. The 4-wheel steer and high-strung V6 gives this saloon F1 car cornering capabilities. So it only seems natural that when the performance aspect is combined with the impressive infotainment suite that it would make a lasting positive first impression, right? Wrong. It only took 2 miles for me to decide that I’m not a fan of this car.

Something is amiss here. This is a prime example of how simply having features does not instantly qualify the vehicle. While there are a ton of systems onboard the M37S, they just don’t seem to work well. This is particularly true with the infotainment suite. Granted, I’ve only been in the car for a few short drives now, but it’s not a fun system. It’s a confusing mess of dashboard buttons and strange navigation paths–I can’t remove previously-connected Bluetooth phones to add my Droid to the list. The navigation is hokey, the Bose noise cancellation can’t drown out the loud tires wrapping the 20-inch rims, and worst yet, the damn car is nearly uncontrollable on rutted roads.

Still, we have this car for a week and making 90 degree turns at 70 MPH doesn’t get old. I hated the MyFord Touch system at first too. Maybe I just need to give this one time to prove itself.

As usual, expect an extensive look at the media and in-vehicle systems this Wednesday followed by a comprehensive review on Friday. Please, M37S owners, give me the low-down on this car. I can’t stand it right now.