• Think You Have The Best Mobile App?

    Think You Have The Best Mobile App?

    Make sure you submit your nomination for the best mobile app of 2015 now! With only one day left until nominations close for the Crunchies Award Show, we want to hear from you. The Best Mobile app should be a recent standout that has earned its place on your home screen and something that you can’t live without. The past seven winners of this award were imeem (2008), Foursquare… Read More

  • imeem Founder Dalton Caldwell's Must-See Talk On The Challenges Facing Music Startups

    imeem Founder Dalton Caldwell's Must-See Talk On The Challenges Facing Music Startups

    Last week at Y Combinator’s Startup School nearly a dozen of the Valley’s most seasoned entrepreneurs and investors came together to give advice to hundreds of people looking to launch or get involved with a startup. One of the standout talks came from Dalton Caldwell, the founder of defunct music startup imeem who is now running his second company, picplz. If you’ve… Read More

  • MySpace Grew By 7 Percent Last Month, But Was Imeem's Loss Their Only Gain?

    Over the weekend at the MidemNet music event in Cannes, MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta took the stage to talk about the current status of the struggling company. During his keynote interview with Billboard editorial director Bill Werde, Van Natta stated that MySpace was showing an increase in unique visitors for the first time since the middle of last year. In fact, Van Natta said that according… Read More

  • MySpace Music Resurrects Imeem Playlists

    Last month, MySpace finally completed its deal to acquire troubled music startup Imeem. Unfortunately for imeem fans, the bank shut the service down as soon as the deal was completed, redirecting them to a MySpace Music splash screen. MySpace was subsequently trashed by outraged users who wanted their playlists back. Today, they’re getting what they asked for: MySpace has just sent out… Read More

  • Play And Share Your Music Collection In The Cloud With tunesBag

    Vienna, Austria-based tunesBag is opening up the public beta version of its social music service today, after allowing access by invitation only for the past year or so. The launch has been a long time coming, considering the fact that the startup has already produced a fully functional web client, and Adobe-AIR powered desktop client and applications for iPhone, Facebook and Boxee since… Read More

  • MySpace Reaches Out To Upset Imeem Users: Your Playlists Will Soon Be Resurrected

    In the two weeks since it acquired imeem in a firesale, MySpace has been met with waves of frustration from outraged users who blame the company for shutting down the troubled music service. MySpace didn’t really have anything to do with imeem’s sudden shutdown (it would have closed shop anyway), but most users don’t care — they just want their imeem playlists and… Read More

  • As Online Music Falters, Pandora Doubled To 40 Million Users This Year.

    Online music services have had a bad few weeks. Imeem got bought by MySpace for next to nothing, Lala got bought by Apple for something ranging from a little to not-very-much. Spotify continues to be a no-show in the U.S. But at least one service, Pandora, appears to be doing quite well for itself. The service has announced that it surpassed 40 million registered users earlier this month. Read More

  • MySpace Continues To Get Trashed Over Imeem Shutdown

    It’s been nearly a week since MySpace Music closed its acquisition of some of the assets of music service Imeem and redirected to MySpace took a lot of heat for the sudden shutdown of the Imeem service, particularly the API. But the fact is that MySpace didn’t shut the Imeem service down. Imeem’s creditors and the music labels did. If MySpace… Read More

  • MySpace Kills Off Imeem API Without Warning Developers

    It’s only been a few hours since MySpace finally completed and acknowledged its acquisition of imeem. MySpace has now shuttered the streaming music service, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. But in its haste, MySpace has also pulled the rug out from under any developers tapping into the imeem API, without bothering to give them any warning at all. One of the biggest… Read More

  • Ok, Now It's Done. MySpace Music Completes Acquisition Of iMeem

    MySpace Music has completed its acquisition of most of the assets of music service iMeem. We first broke the news that MySpace was close to acquiring iMeem last month. Two days later, we reported that an agreement was signed to purchase the assets of the company for $1 million in cash. The deal didn’t close, however, because some of the assets MySpace Music was going to buy (namely… Read More

  • Hold On, MySpace/Imeem Deal Ain't Done Yet, Being Renegotiated

    Last month we broke the news that MySpace was acquiring music service iMeem, and that an agreement had been signed between the two companies. All of that was accurate, including the $1 million fire sale price. But despite reports to the contrary, while the deal was signed it never closed (which explains why MySpace hasn’t announced it). Sometime between signing and closing some problems… Read More

  • LaLa Was Bought By Apple For $17 Million, Not $80 Million

    Sometimes you have to apply the smell test to what your sources are telling you, and the rumors we’re hearing about Apple’s purchase of music service LaLa are definitely smelling a little off. $80 million for LaLa? That isn’t what we’re hearing. LaLa was purchased for $17 million by Apple, according to our sources with indirect knowledge of the deal. And the company… Read More

  • MySpace Signs Agreement To Acquire iMeem

    On Monday we broke the news that MySpace was in late stage negotiations to acquire music service iMeem. Those negotiations are now concluded, we’ve heard from multiple sources, and an agreement has been signed. MySpace will acquire most of the assets of iMeem for a purchase price of around $1 million in cash. $1 million isn’t the “real” purchase price for the company. Read More

  • MySpace Close To Acquiring iMeem

    MySpace is in late stage negotiations to acquire music streaming service iMeem, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. MySpace is on a bit of an acquisition spree – they acquired iLike, another music service, three months ago. The iMeem acquisition isn’t yet finalized, we’ve heard from sources, and awaits approval from various stakeholders. We don’t know the price… Read More

  • Live From Hollywood: Google's Music Onebox Launches, Powered By MySpace And Lala

    I’m here at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California for a special media event where Lala, MySpace, iLike, Google and others are officially announcing the launch of Google’s Music Onebox — a special new kind of Google search result that will let you instantly stream songs directly from Google’s results page. We first broke the news of the feature’s impending… Read More

  • The New Grooveshark: Faster, Prettier And Still Phenomenal

    I’ve always considered the Grooveshark web app’s UI to be quite amazing, so I was wary when I was granted preview access to the service’s new look, which the startup is presenting publicly for the first time today (at 12 AM EST). Fortunately, they somehow managed to make it even more awesome than it already was, and the makeover was more than a new lick of paint as it… Read More

  • iMeem Wipes The Slate Clean With $6 million Funding

    iMeem may go down in the history books as the little company that could. The service morphed from an instant-messaging centric social network into a widget service to a full on music streaming service (read an early post by us on iMeem here). Over the years they’ve been close to shutting down more than once. And yet, they’re still here, and still fighting. In May news broke that… Read More

  • Your Guide To Music On The Web – Part #1

    I’m a Web fanatic, I admit. But you probably already knew that… My work environment has been completely web based for years now. The same applies to my music. Like many people, I used to download music from Kazaa or eMule (Yeah, I know some of you still do). Most of the time now, I listen to music on the web and don’t have any need to download it. My laptop benefits the most… Read More

  • Singing A New Tune: The Imeem Music Store.

    Does embattled music streaming site imeem think it can take on iTunes? For the most part, nearly every streaming song on the site has a download button which links to both iTunes and the Amazon MP3 store. But it is quietly testing its own music download store which bypasses iTunes and Amazon and sells MP3s directly. For instance, this is the case with some Sub Pop artists, such as Iron and… Read More

  • With An iPhone And Android Strategy, Imeem Mobile Pushes Past A Million Users

    Imeem has a great Android app. In fact, it’s still one of the few very good apps available on that platform as it continues to find its legs. It’s so good that we gave it a Crunchie this year. But as good as it is, it took the application coming to the iPhone platform to push the company past a big milestone: 1 million mobile platform installs. Imeem Mobile for the iPhone, which… Read More

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