Facebook’s Kodi box ban is nothing new

According to recent reports, Facebook has updated its Commerce Policy to specifically ban the sale of Kodi boxes on its site – that is, devices that come with pre-installed Kodi software, which

NY State Rules Daily Fantasy Illegal, Ordering FanDuel And DraftKings To Stop Taking Bets

Today, the NY Attorney General dropped a bomb on daily fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Sites like them have been categorized as “illegal gambling sites” and have ordered

New NEC technology detects pirated online videos "in seconds"

<img src="" /> Software that helps to detect "illegal" video content on the web automatically isn't really new, but NEC claims its

GTA IV media bonanza: box pics, review scans, gameplay video Video switched. Real gameplay in this one after about a minute. Don’t ask me where it came from, but here is a little splash of GTA action. Box shots, intro

Yarrr: Four 'Pirate Bay' captains in hot water

About a year ago, I learned that just because you don’t store copyrighted materials on your server, “facilitating the transfer or consumption” of said material is still a no-no. I wa

Cellphone jammers are a godsend, but they're also illegal

What I wouldn’t give to disable everyone’s cellphone on the 7 train here. Yeah, I could buy a cheap jamming device, but I’d prefer not to be fined several thousands of dollars just f

Want Free iPod Games?

Truth be told, I don’t like paying for things when I know I can get them for free, but who does? I’ve been apprehensive about buying games for my iPod because…oh who am I kidding? I live in NYC

Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy

“Piracy” happens, piracy will never go away, and, as a service to you we’ve decided to explain some of its relevant points to the uninitiated. Whatever your stance on the topic, if y