• If Facebook Music Really Launches, Will It Get Dissed By 50 Cent?

    Rumors surfaced again yesterday on Billboard and today in other media outlets that Facebook is in talks with the record labels to launch a music service that will include either free ad-supported music streams or paid downloads. Talk of such a service started last October, but what Facebook ended up launching was simply artist fan pages. MySpace is also preparing its own music service to… Read More

  • iLike Launches Artist News Stream – Users Triple since Last July To 22 Million

    San Francisco/Seattle based music service iLike launched a “news feed” for favorite artists this week. Users can now see exactly what their favorite artists are up to – when they go on tour, release new songs or videos, etc, the news is presented to them in the feed. Users can select their favorite artist via the iLike website or on their social network applications. Or… Read More

  • iLike Publishes Unreleased U2 Song is a huge win for music site iLike – U2’s Bono recorded an interview with the iLike founders talking about the history of a new song called Wave of Sorrow. The song, which is being released on Tuesday next week as part of the remastered Joshua Tree album and DVD, was written in the 80’s but never recorded. It’s available in… Read More

  • iLike vs. Facebook: The Battle For The Music Artist

    Facebook just got a whole lot friendlier for music artists. With the launch of Facebook Ads, it is welcoming bands and musicians to set up their own public Facebook pages where members can sign up as fans. Alas, there will be no standalone Facebook Music service. Instead, Facebook is treating music artists just like any other brands, which can also set up their own Facebook pages, collect… Read More

  • OpenSocial Hacked Again

    The same person who hacked the RockYou OpenSocial application on Plaxo just 45 minutes after it was publicly released is at it again. This time, he claims to have easily accessed the iLike application on Ning. Specifically, he says he can add and remove songs on users’ playlists. And more damaging, he can also access a user’s friends list in the client-side code. Give him a… Read More

  • Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday

    Details emerged today on Google’s broad social networking ambitions, first reported here in late September, with a follow up earlier this week. The new project, called OpenSocial (URL will go live on Thursday), goes well beyond what we’ve previously reported. It is a set of common APIs that application developers can use to create applications that work on any social networks… Read More

  • Flixster For Sale; IAC Interested

    Fast growing movie-centered social network Flixster has been making the rounds with potential buyers, we’ve heard from multiple sources. And IAC may have submitted a letter of intent in the last week or so. The San Francisco based company has had a meteoric rise since launching in January 2006, although Comscore suggests growth has stagnated over the last few months – worldwide… Read More

  • Facebook Music Rumors

    AllFacebook is running a rumor that Facebook is prepping an online music store that will see it compete with Apple’s dominant iTunes. A competing story by PaidContent says the new product is to be a music platform for artists and will compete directly with MySpace, not iTunes. According to the posts, Facebook has been searching for someone tolead the new division and has been… Read More

  • iLike's Wonderful Facebook Problem

    I had a chance to visit music social network iLike’s Seattle offices yesterday to meet with co-founder Hadi Partovi. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the office was a flat panel display showing key real time stats for the company – see image to the right. I took a picture as Partovi looked on nervously. These stats haven’t previously been publicly disclosed, but… Read More

  • iLike: By Far the Most Popular Facebook Application

    Facebook’s new Developer Platform has been live for nearly a day, and data is coming in on which third party applications are the most appealing to Facebook users. The top application, by far, is music service iLike. They currently have just under 40,000 Facebook users, more than the rest of the top ten applications combined. The application was added by 10,000 users within the first… Read More

  • iLike Growing Quickly, Still Massively Trailing

    Later today music social network iLike will report that they’ve reached half a million registered users in the first four months since launching. What won’t be disclosed, but I’m hearing from insiders, is that around 20,000 new users are joining daily. The company, along with MOG, will present at the Digital Music Forum East conference in New York tomorrow. Together the… Read More

  • Social Music Overview

    Keeping with the theme of Mike’s Online Photo Editing Overview, I wanted to cover some of the entrants into social music. Music was probably the first type of rich media to really go “Web 2.0” and it’s become a pretty popular place for startups. As a result, there are some great Rich Internet Applications built around social music. Anyone who makes music a part of… Read More

  • Scoop: TicketMaster Pours $13.3 Million Into iLike

    In about an hour, we hear, iLike and TicketMaster will announce a strategic agreement that includes a $13.3 million investment in iLike for 25% of the company. That puts the value of iLike at a whopping $53.2 million. The company launched less than two months ago, on October 25. We love the iLike service, which provides an excellent iTunes plugin that constantly analyzes what music you listen… Read More

  • iLike Adds Music Videos From YouTube

    There’s lots of buzz about newcomer social music site iLike (a Garageband service) this week at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. We originally covered them in late October – download the iLike iTunes sidebar and see music related to what you listen to, along with recommendations of indie music that you might like, and tons of stats on the music you and your friends listen to on… Read More

  • iLike Brings Free Indy Music to iTunes Recommendations

    ILike is a new iTunes plug-in that will launch tomorrow and leverages free music from independent musicians at to supplement its otherwise typical recommendations. ITunes plug-ins are becoming increasingly common but music recommendations are particularly frustrating if you have to either pay full price for a song or launch another application to get it. Integration of free… Read More

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