Mark Zuckerberg: "Spotify Is So Good"

The ink isn’t even dry on the MySpace/iLike acquisition, and already Facebook has a new crush on a different music service, Spotify.

We’ve heard that Facebook has been talking with the European startup about a partnership for well over a year (about the time the Facebook music rumors heated up), but that the talks have intensified dramatically in the last week.

And just as we were digging into that rumor, up pops a Facebook status message from Mark Zuckerberg: “Spotify is so good.”

Wondering about the timing? Don’t. Facebook investor Li Ka-Shing is now a big stockholder in Spotify, too.

And it was clear that as soon as iLike turned down Facebook and accepted MySpace’s offer, Facebook would have to make some new decisions on music strategy.

iLike has always been the de facto music application on Facebook. A year ago Facebook named them one of only two “Great Apps” that would get preferential treatment on the platform.

But all that has changed. The Great Apps program was shuttered, and there’s no way Facebook is going to continue to shower the love on iLike.

So out with the old, in with the new. See ya, iLike. Helloooo, Spotify. So when are you launching in the U.S.?