MySpace, YourSpace, Whatever. Ali Partovi Is Win.

One thing about MySpace – they’ve always had far more colorful executives than the more buttoned up Facebook exec team. Of course, those partying and committing federal crimes days are history with the new team in place.

Or so we thought…

A new group of execs were brought in today. And among them are the cofounders of music startup iLike, Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi. As usual, we peruse the MySpace profiles of new execs because every once in a while we find a new exec hire that hasn’t actually ever used the service.

All the new execs appear to have MySpace profiles. But just before I signed out of the last one i checked, Ali Partovi, a video he uploaded caught my eye. He says “Here’s a little video I just made for the MySpace sales conference next week (Oct 13-15). They told everybody, “make a video showing how MySpace is YOUR space”…..”

Anyway, meet your new SVP Business Development at MySpace, who is most definitely not buttoned up and boring. We’ve also added this video to his Crunchbase profile. Because we can never, ever let him live this down:

MYSpace-ali partovi,t=1,mt=video
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