• Myspace’s iLike Rises From The Dead To Block An Apple Trademark Request

    Myspace’s iLike Rises From The Dead To Block An Apple Trademark Request

    The icon on the left represents iOS’s music app. The icon on the right is for a now-shuttered Myspace service called iLike. Apple introduced the Music app to iOS in 2007 with the iPod touch. iLike was founded in 2006, granted its trademark 2008, acquired by Myspace in 2009 and then shutdown earlier this year. But in a recent decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Apple… Read More

  • Getting The Band Back Together: Picadee Founded And Funded By The iLike Guys

    Keep an eye on yet-to-be launched Picadee, a new Seattle startup getting some buzz. The company was founded by former iLike employees Marcus Womack, Mike Bohlander, Ray Fortna and Josh Hepfer, and has taken a seed round of funding from iLike founders Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi. The company isn’t saying what it’s doing yet, but this is a team that has performed well together before. Read More

  • Like The Ping Sidebar, iLike Founder Hopes Apple Copies Mission Of Helping Small Artists

    If the new Ping sidebar that was launched today as a part of iTunes 10.0.1 looks familiar, perhaps it’s because you’ve been using the iLike Sidebar — an iTunes (and Windows Media Player) plug-in that does pretty much the same thing. We know at least one person finds the two very similar: Ali Partovi, the co-founder of iLike. “I just hope Apple also copies… Read More

  • The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages

    When a service such as Facebook limits users’ creative freedom, it is inevitable that other add-on services will overcome this limitation. This is why then, we see more and more Facebook tab apps that give us more control and freedom when it comes to customizing a fan page or a personal profile. I can’t really understand why Facebook doesn’t create an editor that lets… Read More

  • After More Than 10 Years, Indie Music Community Folds, the well-known indie music store, discovery & review service and online community, will be discontinued as of July 15th, 2010, more than 10 years after it first saw the light of day. In an email sent to users this morning, the company that spawned social music discovery service iLike (now part of MySpace), the GarageBand team says users can register for an iLike account to… Read More

  • MySpace Lost Faith For All Things Mobile; Former VP John Faith Gone

    Troubled social networking giant MySpace has lost another key executive with the recent departure of John Faith, until recently General Manager and Vice President of MySpace Mobile. His resignation hasn’t been announced yet (nor has his LinkedIn profile been updated), but we’ve confirmed hallway rumors that he jumped ship at the end of January 2010 both with the man in question and… Read More

  • Did Apple's Lala Deal Leave A Lump Of Coal In Google's Music Onebox Stocking?

    Of all the things Google has launched this past year, the most useful may be its Music Onebox feature that allows you to easily play popular music from Google Search results. Following its debut in October, I found myself using it left and right for songs I wanted to listen to. One thing I noticed was that while deals were in place with iLike, imeem, Rhapsody, and Pandora, the majority of… Read More

  • LaLa Was Bought By Apple For $17 Million, Not $80 Million

    Sometimes you have to apply the smell test to what your sources are telling you, and the rumors we’re hearing about Apple’s purchase of music service LaLa are definitely smelling a little off. $80 million for LaLa? That isn’t what we’re hearing. LaLa was purchased for $17 million by Apple, according to our sources with indirect knowledge of the deal. And the company… Read More

  • MySpace Close To Acquiring iMeem

    MySpace is in late stage negotiations to acquire music streaming service iMeem, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. MySpace is on a bit of an acquisition spree – they acquired iLike, another music service, three months ago. The iMeem acquisition isn’t yet finalized, we’ve heard from sources, and awaits approval from various stakeholders. We don’t know the price… Read More

  • Facebook Strikes Back At iLike: No-Spam Policy Cancels Concert Alerts

    Did Facebook finally unfriend iLike? It certainly looks that way. Facebook is restricting iLike from showing people’s music data in their profiles (the songs and artists they like) or alerting them to upcoming concerts through Facebook notifications. The ban on notifications appears to be part of Facebook’s recent moves to fight app spam. It is not clear what music data… Read More

  • Google Music: What Were Ticketmaster And Facebook Thinking?

    Now that the dust is settling on the newly launched Google Music (if you don’t yet have it in your normal Google search results, you can use it here) that integrates LaLa and iLike/MySpace streaming music, all I can think of is this: What were Facebook and Ticketmaster thinking when they passed up the opportunity to acquire iLike? MySpace is the big lottery winner here. They bought iLike… Read More

  • Google Music Onebox: Video Interviews With Just About Everyone Involved

    TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid traveled down to Los Angeles earlier today to cover the launch of Google Music Onebox. In addition to his live notes from the event and the panel, he managed to point his camera at just about everyone involved in the new service: Google Director Product Management Search R.J. Pittman, MySpace Music President Courtney Holt and LaLa founder Bill Nguyen. Jason… Read More

  • Live From Hollywood: Google's Music Onebox Launches, Powered By MySpace And Lala

    I’m here at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California for a special media event where Lala, MySpace, iLike, Google and others are officially announcing the launch of Google’s Music Onebox — a special new kind of Google search result that will let you instantly stream songs directly from Google’s results page. We first broke the news of the feature’s impending… Read More

  • Google Music Service: The Screenshots

    None of the companies involved will confirm the new Google Music service – we have “no comments” or absolute silence from Google, LaLa, MySpace and iLike. But the new service is all but confirmed. And we have the screenshots showing how the service, which will be announced on October 28, will look to prove it. Matt Ghering, a product marketing manager at Google, has been one… Read More

  • MySpace, YourSpace, Whatever. Ali Partovi Is Win.

    One thing about MySpace – they’ve always had far more colorful executives than the more buttoned up Facebook exec team. Of course, those partying and committing federal crimes days are history with the new team in place. Or so we thought… A new group of execs were brought in today. And among them are the cofounders of music startup iLike, Ali Partovi and Hadi Partovi. As… Read More

  • MySpace Fills Out Executive Roster With New Hires, iLike Execs

    MySpace has just announced the appointment of four new members to its executive team, which saw a major shakeup last April. The new hires include Nada Stirratt, who will serve as Chief Revenue Officer and Dustin Finer, who is now Chief People Officer. Joining them will be iLike founders (and brothers) Ali Partovi, who is now SVP of Business Development based in San Francisco, and Hadi Partovi… Read More

  • Mark Zuckerberg: "Spotify Is So Good"

    The ink isn’t even dry on the MySpace/iLike acquisition, and already Facebook has a new crush on a different music service, Spotify. We’ve heard that Facebook has been talking with the European startup about a partnership for well over a year (about the time the Facebook music rumors heated up), but that the talks have intensified dramatically in the last week. And just as we… Read More

  • Your Guide To Music On The Web – Part #1

    I’m a Web fanatic, I admit. But you probably already knew that… My work environment has been completely web based for years now. The same applies to my music. Like many people, I used to download music from Kazaa or eMule (Yeah, I know some of you still do). Most of the time now, I listen to music on the web and don’t have any need to download it. My laptop benefits the most… Read More

  • MySpace Confirms iLike Acquisition. Conference Call Livenotes

    As expected, MySpace has confirmed that it bought iLike. It is not disclosing financial terms, but our information is that it was around $20 million. During the conference call, Van Natta stressed the importance of music, open content distribution, and talent as the main drivers behind the deal. He also put to rest misinformed speculation that there was any delay in the deal due to tax issues… Read More

  • MySpace CEO To Make A Big Announcement Shortly. We're Betting It's About iLike

    MySpace just sent out an advisory that it will be holding a press conference shortly at 11:45 PT. CEO Owen Van Natta will be making an announcement (which , incidentally, will be his first public statement since taking over last April). Could this be the official announcement that MySpace is buying iLike, the acquisition that got away from Facebook and Amazon? That’s our guess. … Read More

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