• Famed VC Jim Breyer on finding the next Mark Zuckerberg (and much more)

    Famed VC Jim Breyer on finding the next Mark Zuckerberg (and much more)

    Yesterday, at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon, we caught up with Jim Breyer, renowned in Silicon Valley thanks to a decades-long track record of smart bets, most notably in Facebook. Breyer was the managing partner at Accel Partners, which invested $12.7 million in Facebook in 2005 when the company was priced around $100 million; that bet proved to be among the most lucrative in the… Read More

  • China’s Top Mobile Ad Network, I-Media, Picks Up $20M From Kleiner Perkins, IDG

    China’s Top Mobile Ad Network, I-Media, Picks Up $20M From Kleiner Perkins, IDG

    China is currently the largest mobile market in the world, and that is having a knock on effect on mobile investments into startups in the country: I-Media, a mobile ad network that claims to be China’s largest with over 100 million impressions per day and projected 2012 revenues of RMB 300 million ($47 million), today announced that it has picked up a $20 million Series B round of… Read More

  • App Store Analytics Startup App Annie Gets Backing From IDG, Preps Premium Service

    App Annie, a Hong Kong-based provider of app store analytics and marketing intelligence for Apple’s App Store, has raised an undisclosed amount in a Series A funding round led by IDG Capital Partners, the China-focused VC fund backed by IDG and Accel. First launched in March 2010, App Annie lets app developers and publishers track sales, downloads, rankings, and reviews. The… Read More

  • BizArk Launches Alibaba Rival, Boasts "Tens Of Millions Of Dollars" In Funding

    BizArk, a Chinese e-commerce company specialized in international trading solutions, has now made its debut and announced that it has secured ‘tens of millions of dollars’ in financing from IDG Ventures (up to $40 million according to several reports). The press release announcing the investment is one of the strangest I’ve ever read. Read More

  • IDG Teams Up With Networked Insights To Sift Through Social Noise

    For marketers, social networks offer a goldmine of data about topics and brands. But there’s actually too much data to easily parse for most companies to get at the most valuable data. That’s why IDG has built Social Scout, a new service powered by Networked Insights. The idea is to be able to filter through some of the noise associated with social media. This in turn helps b2b… Read More

  • SocialMedia Unveils New Interactive Ads, Scores IDG As Partner

    Social interaction is one of the driving forces behind the web right now, with Twitter and Facebook both growing at phenomenal rates. But outside of social networks, advertisers have largely failed to get in on the action – on most web pages, banner ads usually consist of a flashy logo and maybe some clever text, without any content that is actually personalized to you. SocialMedia… Read More

  • The Industry Standard 2.0: Their Analysis, Your Predictions

    The Industry Standard—the once high-flying, and then hardest-falling, magazine of the dotcom era—is relaunching today in a public beta, nearly seven years after the original media outlet went bankrupt. It would be all too easy to write this off as a counter-indicator signaling that the current Web 2.0 mania has peaked. And perhaps that is exactly what it is. The brand carries … Read More