• Israel prepares for #OpIsrael cyberattack Crunch Network

    Israel prepares for #OpIsrael cyberattack

    The #OpsIsrael attack has taken place every year on April 7 since 2013, and was first launched on the eve of the Holocaust Remembrance Day with a stated goal of erasing Israel from the Internet. Read More

  • Israel’s desert city of Beersheba is turning into a cybertech oasis Crunch Network

    Israel’s desert city of Beersheba is turning into a cybertech oasis

    The Israeli military’s massive relocation of its prestigious technology units, the presence of multinational and local companies, a close proximity to Ben Gurion University and generous government subsidies are turning Beersheba into a major global cybertech hub. Read More

  • Robot hands over apple to Intel

    A new approach to robotic sensing and grasping was demoed at IDF by Joshua Smith, Principal Research Intel, Seattle. Using Electric Field Pre-touch, the same sensing used by some species of fish, the robot arm tracked an apple that was moved around in front of it. An awesome synthesized voice repeatedly proclaimed, “Where is it?”
    “Where is it?”
    “Where is it?” Read More

  • Intel showcases wireless power

    Intel remotely fired up the audience today at the IDF R&D Forum Keynote by wirelessly powering a light bulb from a distance of 2 feet away. Using a signal generator and a power amplifier, wireless power transfer was effectively showcased by Alanson Sample from Intel Research, Seattle. Transmitting 60 watts at 75% efficiency, the technology lit up a small light bulb perched upon a set… Read More

  • Woz at IDF

    Steve Wozniak dropped by IDF today to shoot the shit with Moira Gunn, host of Tech Nation. Woz was animated and insightful for the hour-long conversation. What ultimately was a retrospective on the history of the tech legend was engaging as the co-founder of Apple ran through topics from his early time at HP to his supposed relationship with Kathy Griffin. “I’d rather be known as… Read More

  • A monitor signal that can travel 10KM

    Luxtera has developed a technology that sends plain ol’ electrical signals over fiber optic cable. At IDF in San Francisco, the company showed off a way to take a Displayport signal and send it over fiber. When set up this way, you’d be able to send a monitor signal 10KM away. That’s probably not too useful for everyday use, but imagine being able to use some cheap fiber in… Read More

  • Nehalem and Atom at IDF

    Intel imagines a world with 15 Billion connected devices by 2015. As they see it, all that belongs to Atom, their mobile processor that already has over 700 design engagements. Stating that the “most profound technologies are the ones that disappear”, Pat Gelsinger Senior VP and GM of the Digital Enterprise Group for Intel set the tone for his IDF keynote speech with highlights from… Read More