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Robot hands over apple to Intel

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A new approach to robotic sensing and grasping was demoed at IDF by Joshua Smith, Principal Research Intel, Seattle. Using Electric Field Pre-touch, the same sensing used by some species of fish, the robot arm tracked an apple that was moved around in front of it.

An awesome synthesized voice repeatedly proclaimed,

“Where is it?”
“Where is it?”
“Where is it?”

Justin Rattner, Intel CTO joked that the apple better be handed over to the robot arm before it got mad. To prove that all was ok, Joshua placed his arm in its grasp, then removed it without harm. Handing the apple over to the robot, it (proudly?) proclaimed, “Got it.”

Upon holding the apple it decided it was in a giving mood by saying, “Please take this,” handing the apple over. And all was well in the world of apples, arms and fruit obsessed robots.

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