CLEAR raises $15 million to expand biometric security

CLEAR, the biometric security firm popular in U.S. airports and stadiums, has raised $15 million from T. Rowe Price to expand their footprint. The company, led by CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker, is already

MasterCard launches its ‘selfie pay’ biometric authentication app in Europe

MasterCard is moving from trials of facial biometrics for payment authentication, including one in the U.S. and Canada launched earlier this year, to its first proper rollout of what is colloquially r

Google Glass App Identifies People By Clothes, Hints At Tech That Could Counter Face Blindness

That problem where you're meeting someone for the first time, maybe to pick up something you bought through Craigslist? Google Glass can help with that. A new app designed for Google's upcoming smart-

Let's guess each other's Social Security Numbers, for fun

<img src="" />True story: I didn't even know my Social Security Number until my freshman year of college, when it was used as my dorm buildi

YouTube Rolling Out Video Fingerprinting

Rush could have the option to remove this video or take in profits from it In an effort to curb the constant copyright-infringement occurring over at YouTube, the company announced plans to test a new

Molecular Identification, Coming Soon

MobileMagazine is reporting that scientists in the UK have developed a “molecule-based” ID tag–I guess technically any ID tag would be molecule-based, but I think they mean molecule-