• Top Videos From TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing (TCTV)

    Top Videos From TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing (TCTV)

    The sun has set on our first ever TechCrunch Disrupt conference outside U.S. soil. The Beijing event ended this past Tuesday, as OrderWithMe won the Disrupt Cup. With the 12 to 15 hour time difference between the U.S. and China, watching it live wasn’t the easiest option. We produced more than 60 videos. But here’s a look at some of the highlights you might have missed: Read More

  • 'Know Your Meme' On What It's Like To Be An Internet Folklorist

    The website and show “Know Your Meme” were swallowed up this week by ICanHasCheezburger networks in a seven figure deal, proving once again that Internet memes are serious business. In light of this news, the Know Your Meme crew, Internet folklorists Elspeth Rountree, Kenyatta Cheese, Jamie Wilkinson, Patrick Davison and Mike Rugnetta actually performed an episode of their… Read More

  • I Can Has Funding: Cheezburger Raises $30M For LOLcats, FAIL Blog And Other Memes

    I Can Has Funding: Cheezburger Raises $30M For LOLcats, FAIL Blog And Other Memes

    Cheezburger, the internet publisher responsible for LOLcats, FAIL Blog, and other memes, has raised a whopping $30 million in new funding led by the Foundry Group with Madrona Venture Group, Avalon Ventures, and SoftBank Capital participating in the round. Brad Feld of Foundry Group, Greg Gottesman of Madrona Venture Group, and Rich Levandov of Avalon Ventures will be joining… Read More

  • OnceUponAWin Adds Some Nostalgia To The Lolcats Network

    Cheezburger Network, the company behind I Can Has Cheezburger and a number of other humorous blogs, has unveiled the newest addition to its popular blog network: OnceUponAWin, a site dedicated to finding and posting nostalgic photos and videos from your childhood. I have a hard time believing OnceUponAWin will be as popular as the network’s flagship blog about lolcats or FAIL Blog, a… Read More

  • EngrishFunny Is Newest Site In Lolcats Empire

    The company behind the popular ICanHasCheezburger site has launched a new website, EngrishFunny, which makes fun of grammatically incorrect variations of English (often found in Asia). Users send in photos of poorly translated or written products, signs, instructions, etc. to the site. This is the seventh website for parent company Pet Holdings, Inc., which bought the ICanHasCheezburger site… Read More