EngrishFunny Is Newest Site In Lolcats Empire

The company behind the popular ICanHasCheezburger site has launched a new website, EngrishFunny, which makes fun of grammatically incorrect variations of English (often found in Asia). Users send in photos of poorly translated or written products, signs, instructions, etc. to the site.

This is the seventh website for parent company Pet Holdings, Inc., which bought the ICanHasCheezburger site in late 2007 for $2 million. Other sites include Ihasahotdog (dogs), Failblog (my personal favorite), Totallylookslike (celebrities), Punditkitchen (politics) and Graphjam.

I sat down with founder Ben Huh today to talk about the new site and how the company is doing in general. The family of sites is generating 3.3 million daily page views, and around 5 million unique monthly visitors. Total revenue per page is north of $0.80, he says. Watch the full interview below.