Top Videos From TechCrunch Disrupt Beijing (TCTV)

The sun has set on our first ever TechCrunch Disrupt conference outside U.S. soil. The Beijing event ended this past Tuesday, as OrderWithMe won the Disrupt Cup. With the 12 to 15 hour time difference between the U.S. and China, watching it live wasn’t the easiest option. We produced more than 60 videos. But here’s a look at some of the highlights you might have missed:

Disrupt Cup Winner OrderWithMe’s Demo

OrderWithMe won the Disrupt Cup, emerging to victory from a field of 15 companies. Learn more about their business model, offering wholesale group buying to small businesses and watch a backstage interview with the winners.

Pony Ma, Founder and CEO of Tencent

Tencent is China’s largest and most used internet services portal. Read more about this rare interview with Tencent Founder Pony Ma.

Lei Jun, Co-Founder of Xiaomi, On How He Plans To Take On Apple In The Mobile Phone Industry

Lei Jun is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China. Read more about Xiaomi Tech’s ambitious goals.

Kai-Fu Lee on his start-up incubator InnovationWorks

InnovationWorks is a Chinese incubator that helps early stage Chinese internet companies. Read more on what they looking for when making investment decisions.

Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh: An Entrepreneur is Someone Who Doesn’t Understand The Word No

Ben Huh, CEO of, gave a powerful and inspirational talk on internet culture and entrepreneurship. He also explained his mission to make everyone in the world happy for five minutes a day. Read more.

Phil Libin, Evernote CEO on How Freemium Products Can Work

Evernote CEO, Phil Libin, spoke about building a successful freemium product that people will love and will eventually give you money without you having to ask.

TechCrunch Staffer Greg Barto Spins Around In A Barrel

The TechCrunch team and local partners had some time to explore adventures in Beijing. Here’s a ride Greg won’t ever forget.

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