OnceUponAWin Adds Some Nostalgia To The Lolcats Network

Cheezburger Network, the company behind I Can Has Cheezburger and a number of other humorous blogs, has unveiled the newest addition to its popular blog network: OnceUponAWin, a site dedicated to finding and posting nostalgic photos and videos from your childhood.

I have a hard time believing OnceUponAWin will be as popular as the network’s flagship blog about lolcats or FAIL Blog, a favorite around the TechCrunch office. But it’s a solid addition to the network, and will only further boost Cheezburger Network traffic, which has been growing at a steady clip. From September to October the site saw a 19% increase in the number of unique visitors and a total of 128.3 million page views.

Other blogs in the network include IHasAHotDog and EngrishFunny, which launched in August.